10 Best Laptops 2017 | Why You Should Be Excited!

10 Best Laptops 2017 | Why You Should Be Excited!
Written by techmanish

10 Best Laptops 2017 | Why You Should Be Excited!

We’ve rounded up 10 of the best Laptops, Ultrabooks and Gaming Notebooks out now, or coming soon in 2017. Read more about our best laptops below…

Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 – US: | UK:

Dell XPS 13 – US: | UK:

Dell XPS 15 – US: | UK:

Samsung Chromebook Plus – US:

Samsung Chromebook Pro – US:

Microsoft Surface Book – US: | UK:

Alienware 15 – US: | UK:

Razer Blade 14 – US: |

Dell Inspiron 15 Gaming – UK:

Best Laptops List:

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  • Hey there! I'm looking for a laptop which is good for both gaming and engineering softwares? Could you please suggest the best one!

  • Hi what should I get, i need a laptop that lasts for years which i can use for school and some gaming like gta 5 , pls help nd reply

  • what laptop can you suggest if I dont know nothing about laptops.
    i want something that has a good battery life, I can use Ms. word and excel. good screen quality, for watching videos or movies and can be good for my 5 year old son too.

  • Hi! I'm interior design student. What laptop did you recommend for me since I'll be using it for designing. I will use programme like CAD, Sketch Up, Photoshop etc.. so I want a good laptop without having a problem while doing my assignment. Thank you sir!

  • Dell, MacBook, Alienware and Spectre are the best Laptops.

    Dell XPS is the best Windows Laptop
    MacBook is the best Mac (I love Apple)
    Alienware is the best gaming machine.
    Spectre is nearly as good as the Dell.

    I also think the new Windows Surface Laptop is good too however not as good as the Dell or Spectre.

    The Samsung Chromebook is the cheapest.

    I think you kind of win with any Laptop.

    I'd just make sure it's got USB type C. A decent screen and battery. Less bloatware. A good looking machine. A large SSD with lots of memory and RAM. I'd also make sure it had a semi decent processor in it.

    Given the choice:- I'd get the Dell, MacBook and Alienware. Then I'm sorted for all of my needs including gaming.

    I love MacOS and I'm heavily into the Apple echo system. I sometimes think Windows laptops are good hence the Dell or Spectre. The Alienware would be used solely for gaming. I personally think the new Xbox One X maybe better though.

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