10 Secret Instagram Tricks that Every User Must Know

By | 30th July 2017
10 Secret Instagram Tricks that Every User Must Know

If you use instagram then definitely you must have been addicted to instagram now. However you won’t be aware of 10 Secret Instagram Tricks that I will show in my this video of “10 Secret Instagram Tricks that Every User Must Know.”
After learning this 10 Secret Instagram Tricks you will now be able to use instagram better than before. So make sure to watch the 10 Secret Instagram Tricks that Every User Must Know till then end and enjoy it!


Story Saver App: http://ouo.io/L2pEzl
Chrome IG Story: http://ouo.io/qiUOLw
For trick number 6: Replace the part following /?taken-by from the URL and replace with it /media/?size=l then add .txt to the URL of full screen image.

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