1000 Year Old Secret Drilling Technology Revealed – India

By | 17th July 2017
1000 Year Old Secret Drilling Technology Revealed – India

This is the Thanjavur Brahadeeswarar temple in India which was built between 1004 and 1009 A.D. So it was built over a 1000 years ago. Found some amazing drilling technology with precision holes less than 3 millimeters wide. These holes are so small that nobody has noticed them and has been a secret for 1000 years.

These rocks look like mere decoration, but if you look closely, there are very small holes cut into them. I will put a small twig to show you how small the hole is. I tried to put my pen through the hole and it would not go through.

Another fascinating thing about these holes is that it is not even straight drilling, but is done at an angle. I put the twig on top and it comes out almost at a right angle.

The temple walls are completely made of granite, one of the hardest materials on earth. In modern days, we use diamond tipped tools to make these kind of holes. How did the people carve such minute holes on these granite rocks a thousand years ago?

This technology is older than other ancient cultures like Mayas and Incas. The hole is also much smaller than any other ancient drills I have seen. It is also interesting to think about What were these holes used for? Whatever went inside must have been very thin and flexible because of the size and angle. Why would they need such minute holes anyway?

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    Pure technology rather than miracle. If we could have understood the technology of God then , we are already been a developed race now.

  2. william cann

    Hello…I love your video's. Very Educational, I find India to be one of the places I want to visit before my time on Earth has passed. Can you be my guide when I bring my family to India. Hopefully in the next 3 years. There will be a group 6 or 7
    of us. Coming from Bolton, Ontario, CANADA.

    Thank you
    William Cann

  3. ragu nath

    may be the holes might ve been used fr hanging bells during festival times…bcuz the ears of the bell hav curved shape so as to fit in..

  4. Harvey Spectre

    these holes might be there to tied thread… all threads on the other end could be connected with a cloth… which could b used to either cover the temple… or make tents fr ceremonies

  5. goku super saiyan

    most of the north indian temples from kashmir to ram mandir are demolished by peace loving people ,thank god ,we have many wonders are still left to proud of .

  6. Abinu Ks

    it is simple technology it can be done with sharp iron rod and hammer that hole may be used for hang lamp or to decorate the temple

  7. Nukes of Hazard

    You haven't revealed anything. Those holes have been known since the construction . What methods are you "reavealing". Any hard metal would make those holesWith only time. Quit bullshitting people.

  8. Richie Christo

    Hello.. I would like to contact you… Is that possible?

  9. Bildad1976

    Wow, that's amazing! Y'see observations like this are ignored by establishment archaeologists, historians, etc. because they are at a loss to explain how they were done when there were supposedly no capabilities to equal our modern accomplishments!
    They see the historical development of man as a linear ascension from primitive ape-like hominids to modern man, and ancient technological capabilities don't fit into this worldview, causing cognitive dissonance.

  10. sangarp2001

    the holes are not cylindrical but tapered and the narrowest part in the hole does not seem long. I believe they could have used small chisel.

  11. Rajasingam Muthusamy

    Amazing unexplained ancient technology. Please make a video explaining this amazing technology and the unexplained reasoning behind lost time period.Why the intellectual talent was suddenly lost.

  12. Venkatesh Raghavan

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  13. Lia de Mooij

    the holes are for attaching decoration on festivity days. like garlands or such

  14. Viknesh Jay

    A hooked file. They din use advanced science they used advanced artistic engineering techniques.

  15. arcot karthik

    They might have even used for deocrati flowers like how u kept leaf..


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