17/366 – 5 Tips for Successful Blogging in 2016

By | 26th July 2017
17/366 – 5 Tips for Successful Blogging in 2016

17/366 - 5 Tips for Successful Blogging in 2016

I love blogging! I’ve been blogging for over a decade, and here I am some things I’m learning/noticing in 2016 in the blogging world. Hope this video is helpful to you in some way!
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20 thoughts on “17/366 – 5 Tips for Successful Blogging in 2016

  1. Tia Danielle iamTV

    watching this in 2017 and it was very helpful, gave me a few ideas to take my blog a step further…a few things you mentioned, I've been doing so that let's me know I'm on the right path…this journey isn't easy but I know writing is a part of my purpose along with helping in any way I can…my blog is a lifestyle blog; fashion, beauty, skincarr, health & wellness https://runway2realworldlife.wordpress.com 3 years later still no income from it but I just keep on posting!

  2. Trinas Corner

    I have my blog trinascorner.com for a year and this year I have been building my relationship with God and social media has been a distraction. How can I grow? I have a YouTube channel to that connects with my blog. I love your music it is so inspiring and love you and your sister as a person. God bless y'all

  3. Peggy Little

    Im often to running a blog and i actually appreciate your content. The article has really peaks my interest. Im going to bookmark your site and keep checking for brand spanking new information.

  4. Kurline Speaks

    WOW, this is great. Blogs are for others not for the blogger so take it out.

  5. Amanda Motivacion

    Thank you so much for the tips! I'm concidering to start a travel blog. I already have a travel youtube channel and I want to move on blogging too.

  6. Jasmaine Tate

    Mine is taking of the mask with jasmaine is that too long too?

  7. Hey Miss Jackson

    Thanks! Your video had some slightly different tips than others.


    Could you help me more about blogg?
    How to use and how to share my post which i get more views……………

  9. pstvt

    I started my own blog and I'm so excited/nervious. I feel like it's not good enough but I'm working on itttt. I really hope I can improve along the way and would really appreciate if you could check it out. I need your opinions!
    My new blog is http://www.topknotkindaday.com Really sorry if bothered anyone <3

  10. Sterp

    Thanks for the info! I'm new to blogging and vlogging. It's hard to stay encouraged when it seems like no one is listening out there but I won't give up because I love it!

  11. Jammin_jeremy

    Very good tips. It helps when you are being very straight and down to earth.
    I think it is a great influence for smaller youtubers to give insight because it's tricky when youtubers with thousands of subscribers that have millions of views do videos like this^, beginners are overwhelmed because they feel like just a number listening

  12. allisonlovebeauty212

    I have more people in Instagram, YouTube I slow lol

  13. Katina Davenport

    It's very true that a lot of bloggers are not taking the time to promote their blog. It's important to do so instead of just hitting publish and praying someone will read your blog.


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