5 Amazing Gadgets Under $50

By | 8th October 2017
5 Amazing Gadgets Under $50

Prepare yourself for a fully loaded episode of 5 Amazing Gadgets Under . These new innovative and affordable inventions include: A smart mailbox beacon, a game controller for the top gaming app, plus 3 other interesting new products available now.
Take a moment and discover more about each product by visiting the websites down below.
Official Websites:

0:07 – Mail Beacon – https://igg.me/at/mailbeacon/x – Upgrade your mailbox with this installable smart gadget that monitors the status of your mailbox.

1:38 – Motion Ball Controller – http://kck.st/2bi7Frc – A durable smart ball that doubles as a controller for the most popular gaming App in the whole wide world.

3:41 – Lazy Holder – http://kck.st/2cGJjtq – The ultimate magnetic smartphone holder with wireless connective charging and flexible arm positioning.

6:17 – L E I F – http://kck.st/2bpRJ6d – Place this credit card-size tracking device in your wallet and receive notifications whenever you misplace your wallet or it becomes compromised.

8:54 – Qliplet – https://igg.me/at/qliplet/x – A highly versatile and durable clip that can be incredibly useful in dozens of different daily scenarios, both on the go and at home.
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20 thoughts on “5 Amazing Gadgets Under $50

  1. raidel morejon

    didn't google made that futuristic mailbox before? if did this is a copy

  2. Ashton Henkle

    the mailbox thing would be great for hackers just hack the mailbox and pivot your way to the persons phone from their

  3. MikoyCreator

    OMG that is so amazing!!! I so want it!! AHHH, I can actually throw a poke ball!!! x3

  4. Aiter 918

    An ad started playing in the middle of the video and I watched almost all of it thinking it was one of the ads in the video.

  5. Twin Kittis

    The pokeball one- why the hell do you need a freaking pokeball when you can just flick the screen!??


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