5 Cool Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon In 2017

5 Cool Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon In 2017
Written by techmanish

5 Cool Gadgets You Can Buy On Amazon ▶11

5 Snap power guidelight

4 Avantree multiport charging station

3 Pavlok

2 Echo dot

1 Airselfie
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  • The night light one is actually cool and i'll get those, the others are useless for me anyways. Air selfie? I almost kill people everyday just walking in front of me with there heads down and walk into the middle of roads now I'll have to watch for people looking up in the air and not paying attention to anything around them. I hope the Pavlock is water proof, if you wear that in the shower bad things man and losing 6 lbs. in 65 days is awful, straight up terrible advertisement.

  • User: "Alexa, record every sound in my house and store it on an NSA database."
    Alexa: "Okay…Shit. You know about that?"

  • Shitty infomercial with no narration / opinions given or thought. Some items picked from Amazon and slapped up here with zero effort.

  • Maybe take more than one picture or get some one with long arms, that last one is basically a shitty drone toy.

  • Why do all advertisers always start with "meet —" or "welcome " like come on, it's cliche, just be more creative. And they always do the "and that's how was born"

  • I saw the "pavlock" on shark tank and it was the same guy who advertised it but it was a different name and nobody invested in it

  • Aside from the night light and charging station everything else complete waste of time, pavlock really the idea was bad enough for training dogs and some moron thought it was a good idea to use it on people, great another machine to make us even more lazy than we already are and oh my god a selfie drone this thing is such a waste of time that mocking it would take up too much of my precious time.

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