5 Latest Technology Gadgets of 2016

By | 10th July 2017
5 Latest Technology Gadgets of 2016

5 Latest Technology Gadgets of 2016

Braava jet™ Robot Mop
Say ‘hello’ to the Braava jet™ mopping robot from iRobot and say ‘goodbye’ to everyday messes.

Defender 24/7™ is the First Smart Personal Protection System. 24/7 Monitoring Service Alerts Law Enforcement and Medical Authorities.

Betterspot: A Smart VPN Router for All Devices
An affordable built-in VPN router for secure online surfing and unblocking websites. Betterspot is an affordable router with built-in VPN for secure online surfing, protecting your privacy and unblocking any websites. It’s super easy to use and compatible with all devices and platforms. It works in two modes: On Wi-Fi to Wi-Fi can support portability and wired connection to have higher speed for streaming movies.

01: World’s First Dimensioning Instrument
01 is world’s first dimensioning instrument. Carved in aluminum, and contained within a pen, pencil or stylus, 01 rolls to capture dimensions of any object, then logs, converts and shares the dimensions through your mobile phone.

Apple Touchscreen Mirror
Direct Link: http://www.rafaeldymek.com/portfolio/apple-mirror
Disclaimer from the “Apple’s Mirror” owner: All copyrights used in this project belong to their respective owners. Apple owns all rights to iOS 10, it’s designs, apps, icons and fonts. This mirror was created as a personal project and is in no way being used for commercial reasons. I admire Apple’s vision and approach to creating revolutionary products. My only goal for this project was to create something useful that I could see myself using. If you have any thoughts or concerns please contact project owner at: hello@rafaeldymek.com
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