7 Gamers, 1 CPU – Ultimate Virtualized Gaming Build Log

By | 9th October 2017
7 Gamers, 1 CPU – Ultimate Virtualized Gaming Build Log

Ever dreamed of what you could do with a ,000 computer? Turns out the answer is “a lot”.

In our case, we created 7 discrete gaming systems capable of running concurrently and completely independently of each other – all running in a single tower.

All the hardware in this video was provided by the respective manufacturers, but Kingston is the one who stepped up and footed the bill for us to spend the MASSIVE amount of time it took to bring this project to life.

HUGE props to them: http://www.kingston.com/en/

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20 thoughts on “7 Gamers, 1 CPU – Ultimate Virtualized Gaming Build Log

  1. Une banane

    It's mendatory to plug the alimentation on a graphic card? Because i don't have an alimentation for a graphic card. :'(

  2. YouTube CenTra

    I,m just gonna make this hmm big shit!u call it in my store room👍😂subscribe to my channel and get this pc for free

  3. János Kovicz

    think if you buy that machine you legit never ever have to buy a computer in ya life again, even your grandkids will envy.

  4. AdvancedBretty

    So 7 friends of mine could come over and WE COULD ALL PLAY MINECRAFT?!

  5. Savage_gaming32

    Anyone who wants to help me build a gaming pc plz send parts to colton gratz rr3 hanna alberta

  6. Savage_gaming32

    Hey linus could u plz sponsor me with some parts to build a gaming pc mainly a pc shell, mother,board, cpu, power supply harddrive, ect what ever u can give me thanks

  7. wamik islam

    Did linus get all this component for free?
    And what is the future of this set up?
    What linus will do with it?
    Since he has so many other set ups.


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