7 Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy

By | 16th July 2017
7 Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy

7 Smartphone Gadgets You Should Buy
do you think your iPhone or android phone is not smart enough.these 5 gadgets will make any smartphone even smarter.
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Best Of Zip HD PlayList►http://goo.gl/DwepKd
✔ 7 iPhone Gadgets You Should Buy

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✔ 7 iPhone Gadgets You Should Buy


1) Portal
This wearable smartphone featuring a six-inch display made of thin film transistor (TFT). You can wear this flexible device on your forearm and it comes with two gigabytes (GB) of RAM, 64 GB of storage, and four cameras. Not only is it flexible, but it is shatter-proof and water resistant up to 10 meters.

2) Kiitag 2
Versatility is the deal with this device. Among the features of what some call an app version of a Swiss army knife are two extra hours of usage, USB flash capability to store information, a bright LED flashlight, a key finder up to 200 feet, a camera for selfies, a sound effect machine, and even a fake phone call app you can use as a departure excuse.

3) ZapTip
This is a magnetic super charger which can fully charge any smartphone in approximately 90 minutes, twice as fast as normal. The cable and adapter isn’t just for smartphones either, but can charge any device and can sync data in the process.

4) Beam
This projector gadget can be used on any flat surface for a screening, whether it is apps, play messages, or a Netflix movie. It only has 100 Lumens in brightness and 854 x 480 resolution. But if you want more, then an additional feature of the Beam is that it can screwed into a light socket to provide a better overall picture.

5) Litewire
The fastest compact dual charging cable around, it can be used on any device and at the same time. Litewire makes things efficient for the user in having two devices that can be charged at the same time. It can be attached to a key chain or easily fits into a pocket, making it quite portable.

6) Snapjet
This gadget allows you to scan and print photos from your own smartphone.
No apps or wires are needed because Snapjet serves as both scanner and printer. The gadget is portable is it a box slighter larger in length and width than a smartphone. Scan the image from the smartphone screen with Snapjet, then it prints out a Polaroid photo.

7) Pressy
Plug this little gadget at the top of your smartphone and suddenly you have a myriad of apps available with one push of a button. This allows for easier use of one’s smartphone where you can customize what features you want to be only a push of button away.
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