8 Must Do Tips for your WordPress Website

By | 12th July 2017
8 Must Do Tips for your WordPress Website

8 Must Do Tips for your WordPress Website

Last week Kori revealed 8 Things to Stop Doing on your WordPress Website – see that here https://youtu.be/HtsvAAhH-V0

This week Kori takes you through the 8 Must Do Tips for your website. More Below

#1 – Mobile Friendly

#2 – Phone & Address

#3 – Social Media

#4 – Customer Reviews

#5 – Major Landing Pages

#6 – SEO – Yoast
Tutorial videos for Yoast

#7 – Google Analytics

#8 – Security & Backups

20 thoughts on “8 Must Do Tips for your WordPress Website

  1. spleujo

    I know this is an old video, but I got google analytics but I have "sharebutton.to" visiting my site a lot of times. How do I get rid of that?

  2. Design Tips and Tricks

    Hi Do you know if having an instagram feed on your site – does it slow down the site because of the images? I don't think most people upload optimized images to instagram…. Thanks for the Video! Loved it.

  3. TH3C1PH3R

    When I first loaded this video.. I was like … this video has 10 seconds to keep my attention.. I was hooked in 5 seconds. Well done.

  4. Rick Hema

    Hi Kori, really enjoy your video's, thank you so much awesome.

  5. Solarius

    Hi Kori. Do you have any suggestions on free testing environment to use for WordPress?

  6. Jessica Norris

    I love your videos. Thank you for sharing. I did the google test and my results are

    The requested URL is disallowed by robots.txt.

    What should I do next? I am new to the internet world:)

  7. Carolina Castanos, Ph.D., LMFT - Dr. C Therapist

    Hi Kori,  thank you so much for everything you teach!  I've watched several of your videos and really found them helpful.  I have a word press website and am using slider revolution to create my slider.  I cannot find a way to make the pictures (background) appear as if they were moving and also my first slide takes too long to appear once the page has been loaded.  Can you please help me?

  8. Official App Reviews

    I've watched a few of your videos and I'm so impressed with your content and delivery. Thank you.

  9. Jason Debs

    Whats the best plugin for wordpress to be using for integrating instagram on your pages! Thank you Webtegrity! All the love <3

  10. Jill Stahl Tyler

    I tried to check my website with tip#1, but it says that "The requested URL is disallowed by robots.txt." What does that mean? (Have I put in some code that I don't know about?")

  11. Cara Leopold

    Hey these tips are really useful – I'm building my site myself with WP + a premium theme so I will use this as a checklist before I launch it. Speaking of site launches, I have a question that I'm struggling to find an answer to. It's kind of linked to your 'must-do' #8 about security and backups – before the site is live, do we still have to take the same precautions as we would with a live site? For instance, I've added the most important pages and some content so far to my website, but there are a few essential plugins I'd like to add. Would it be good practice to make a backup of the pages before I add the plugins, even though the site is not live yet? Or does it not really matter?
    Also, if I go crazy adding plugins, and it turns out that they're not compatible with the current version of WP, then I launch the site, could it "break" on the launch? I'm kind of terrified of clicking the launch site button!

  12. Karin Carney

    Must do tips video was very helpful. Great tips, easy to understand. Thanks!

  13. Dog Files

    How would I make several different landing pages? As far as I know I can only do that on my home page. Obviously I'm wrong. Please help! 🙂


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