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Tech Manish is a blog where I cover all the news and tips related to Technology, Computer, Internet, Social Media, SEO and Blogging. Hundreds of guest bloggers have contributed around over a thousand articles in TechManish.com in the past 4 years. The following are the categories where you can find related content that may help you.


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Tech Manish is owned by me and my name is Manish Raj. I am from India and completed my MBA in Banking and Finance . I am Part time blogger and working on some great projects like MustaJaab.com. The main focus of Tech Maish is to cover all the tips related to the above topics. I will do my best to provide more informative and unique information to the readers of Tech Manish.


Life has gone through ups and downs, but Allah has always blessed me to stand up and fight again. There is a famous quite;

Failures are part of life. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn you will never change.


On the positive side I have learned a lot and my 8 years of experience has showed me what is the key to success in this online world. My front face in the blogging community is TechManish.com, however I enjoy working silently on different projects.
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