Actress Sridevi about #Baahubali Controversy || MOM || NTV

By | 22nd August 2017
Actress Sridevi about #Baahubali Controversy || MOM || NTV

Actress Sridevi about #Baahubali Controversy || MOM || NTV

Actress Sridevi about #Baahubali Controversy || MOM || NTV

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20 thoughts on “Actress Sridevi about #Baahubali Controversy || MOM || NTV

  1. nagendra babu

    Rajamouli waste director.. bahubali Kadhu bahupilli movie theyi nuvu.. copy director nuvu.. bahubali Worrest movie.. story ledhu thokka ledhu movie lo

  2. Muslimah Hussain

    Mrs Fake. Got pregnant with Boney Kapoor before marriage, and while he was married with his first wife Mona Kapoor. Cinema is only for entertainment but you sick fan be like a die hard fan, making them like angel. Don't you people realise they distroy other people's marriage by having a affair. ( same goes with Rani, Shilpi and many more.) EVIL FAKE BITCH.

  3. Cherry Raj

    It's good dat she clarified!! May be wat she's saying correct she could have not sustained in the industry if she has such demanding attitude.. mediators rajamouliki wrong cheypunttaru

  4. Leonath Shalini2

    Sridevi chepindhi antha fake…… Sridevi ki aasha ekuve…… inthaka mundhu industry lo kuda chala xtralu chesindhi…… ekuvga demond chesthundhi…… Sridevi Oka gunta nakka….

  5. abc 007

    stop this nonsense…. she has right and had freedome to take her decession …. so many acters dropped some good movies .. this all SHIT was done by rajamouli IF SHE ASK HUGE MONEY POLITELY SKIP FROM HER but what is this??… not fair to reveal all this shit ….stop that she rejected then one of the great acter ramyakrishna acted and she got a good fame dont blame anyone she has own rights to take any decession ….. SO PLZ STOP THIS NONSENCE DONT BLAME ANYONE

  6. Natalie cruz exotic beauty

    i used to have respect on rajmouli but after his cheap comments on my sridevi i highly disaapionted he' makes best movie in india that doesn't mean he's more than sridevi sridevi is forever no one can beat her in attitude behaviour talent not ramyakrushna or nor any actress and person every one is talented….. he hurted my huge women crush sridevi 😢… she was a huge star and inspersion of many .. and she have all rights to reject if she didn't want

  7. ASHOK D

    evaro inkokaru kadhu ramya krishna chesindhi ne matallone ne proud kanapaduthundhi

  8. jagadeesh N

    rajamouli gari cheap character bayata padindi,ramyakrishna garini pogadadaniki sridevi garini helana cheyyalsina avasaram ledu.

  9. mahesh k

    sri devi nt suitable in bahubali movie,bcoz she is nt suitable in queen character ,example see tamil puli movieee,best example

  10. Chitti Chitti

    Mam lot of respect for you. very dignified answer. hope the responsible people see and feel the depths of your pain.

  11. Prasad Alathur Ramamurthy

    Rajmouli completely Changed Character after Bahubali and further after Bahubali 2 His attitude Changed. He forgot the people who supported and recognized his name to the film lovers and even started neglecting and talking something NOT to be done, Totalling because of his new circle (Friendship), Now He is going according to his Headlong attitude which will make him suffer.
    Moral: Money Never Stands with you But your Humanity Lives FOREVER.
    Thank you, Sorry for the inconvenience.
    Because I was also a Fan of SSR Before

  12. Satish m

    Paaapaaa sri devi inka chaalu aaapu. Ma rajamouli yelaanti vaado maaku baaga thelusu.


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