What is Alexa Rank and How We improve it

By | 28th October 2016
What is Alexa Rank…?
Alexa Rank is a ranking system provided by alexa internet company .

Alexa Internet was established in 1996 by Brewster kahle and

Bruce Gilliat . alexa.com is controlled by the amazon.com .

alexa.com evaluating the number of visits on various Web sites and

provides the rank for your sites and blogs . it has a own algorithm to

calculate the sites ranking . alexa told that if some visitor visits the same

page more times in a day , Than it will calculate all those visit as single one .

Alexa Toolbar
alexa Toolbar is an application produced by alexa Internet .

alexa toolbar is supported by the most of the Web browser .

you can create a your own alexa toolbar according your

choice and install to Web sites and blogs .

if you want to create your own alexa toolbar ,
click here

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