Ancient Hindu technology – from INDIA to Germany then to USA – 6 (history channel)

By | 24th July 2017
Ancient Hindu technology – from INDIA to Germany then to USA – 6 (history channel)

20 thoughts on “Ancient Hindu technology – from INDIA to Germany then to USA – 6 (history channel)

  1. Eric lopez vega

    usa only have "yellow" galaxy technology and limited

  2. aryan clair

    we are not Hindus this name govern by Muslims Hindu means black thief slave in Arabic Farsi language read logat firozi and firoz ul logat book and some other Farsi Arabic and. urdi books. our religion is sanatan vadic. religion and these all secret vedas and books written by south Indian Tamil sidhas. Tamils are the not Hindus too Tamils old religion is aasivaham or aasivaham.

  3. anonymous

    So in short.. the whole gist is that American are thieves and criminals from the beginning of time…

  4. aman kumar

    they just copied us snce years n now we r accused of coppying shame

  5. Nayan Panda

    we should decode past script of our country// pl send ur children in vedic Morden schools so that they can de code // our parents did mistake by sending us to convent schools where they teach shit// only we learn to speek till better English//

  6. Putin Rocks

    These kind of things that comes up n show the true colour of Evil white people that makes me HATES them even more …

  7. Kevin Perry

    Ancient technology , Ancient Ideas , KNOWING , Stolen Miss used.

  8. Amazing India

    nazi came to india for the knowledge of tantra.and they found it.unfortunately they couldn't mastered that cos they lost the war

  9. Blue Warrior

    Moghal empires destroyed the libraries in Nalanda, Takshashila universities. Most of the proofs of ancient literature destroyed. Germans good in machine technology, it copied by Japan, China and other nations. If they reveal the technology used in Vimanas that helpful to find the aliens in Kaliyuga.

  10. Razor Skidrow


    India – The land of Vedas, the remarkable works contain not only religious ideas for a perfect life, but also facts which science has proved true. Electricity, radium, electronics, airship, all were known to the seers who founded the Vedas.

    Ella Wheeler Cox

  11. Erez Geva

    Sorry to disturb the party, but this is a bunch of bullshit.
    The video only gives one example to back its story.
    Most of the scientists that left Germany and Europe did it before the war because they were Jews or married to a Jew or opposing fascism.
    The names are famous. Albert Einstein, Enrico Fermi, Max Born.
    And these scientists contribution to science unquestionable.

    The people who did this movie did a very poor job and probably have motive to get into these conclusions.

  12. Adolf Hitler Greatest Leader

    If INDIANS are So Great in TECHNOLOGY …..Why Could they Kick out BRITISH …


    WHY Cannot We PLAY FOOTBALL…………..Why Cannot INDIA beat a 2 lakh Population GUAM Team……………

    1 BILLION People cannot Even Qualify for QUALIFIES of WORLD CUP

    Why Only Jobs Available are BPO and IT SERVICE which is nothing more than SERVING for FORIEGNERS

    ONLY TECHNOLOGY INDIANS have are VARIOUS FOOD other than I Cannot Find any Proof of Indian Intelligence

  13. killoreo

    Modern India is so stupified, always trying to imitate the West, speak English and mix Arabic into their own languages and try to dress like the Brits instead of acknowledging their own past greatness and carrying it on. So sad.

  14. Nagesh Dhuri

    hindu hypeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bullshittttttt if u r so proud of hindu why u got to western world for software jobs


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