Anthony Rojas Tech Trick Tutorial.

By | 18th July 2017
Anthony Rojas Tech Trick Tutorial.

A tutorial for a trick by Anthony Rojas from his CLYW debut video. Its a challenging tech trick with lots of great elements in it. Sorry for the bad audio; I didn’t realize how bad the wind was until I was done. I’ll probably end up re-filming this in the future.

Original trick:

Trick Creator: Anthony Rojas
Player: Steven Kielbasa
YoYo Used: YoYoFactory Titanium Dream

3 thoughts on “Anthony Rojas Tech Trick Tutorial.

  1. arizonaTwentyOne

    Kielbasa? In polish this means "sausage" 😀 Seriously

  2. minalist

    dude. started browsing your channel. your skills have increased greatly over the past couple months. well done man. inspiring me to get back on it and your step into tech tutorials are definitely the next progression i want to hit.


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