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RELIANCE jio diwali dhan dhana dhan Offer Get 100% Cashback on Rs 399 Recharge

you will get 100% Cashback on ₹399 Jio Recharge plan. Jio will give you 8 voucher each Rs 50 (50×8 = 400 Cashback). I also given info for jio diwali dhan dhana dhan latest Offer and terms conditions. Remember, jio diwali dhan dhana dhan latest offer are valid from 12th October 2017 To 18th October 2017 up to… Read More »

Sector regulator Trai on Monday launched a new app — MyCall — that enables subscribers to rate the quality of a phone call

Sector regulator Trai on Monday launched a new app — MyCall — that enables subscribers to rate the quality of a phone call. “The application will help mobile phone users rate their experience about voice call quality in real-time and help Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai) gather customer experience data along with network data,” Trai said in… Read More »

Indians have become the top Android app users in the world

India has more than 230 million smartphone users. It’s the world’s second-largest smartphone market—after China and ahead of the US—and the Android operating system accounts for 96% of it. Price-sensitive Indians are not only buying more Android devices under $100 (Rs6,780), manufactured by foreign and local brands, but they are also skipping PCs entirely and going straight to… Read More »

Super Mario Run expected to hit 1.5 billion downloads post launch

Nintendo announced at the iPhone 7 launch event that Mario is finally going to launch on smartphone platforms starting with iOS. Super Mario Run will be available for download from December on the iPhone and iPad from this December followed by Android. According to Kantan Games analyst Serkan Toto, the game will be downloaded 1.5 billion times throughout… Read More »

Meet RentoMojo, a furniture rental startup from Bengaluru

Startups have managed to get Indian audiences buy furniture online, but there are others who are now trying to redefine it further. RentoMojo is an online rental company (web and Android app) for appliances and furniture. In a city like Bengaluru, with some pockets known to be occupied by the young, many would find the option of renting… Read More »

Demonetisation: India needs an official mobile wallet from the government

The Government is releasing a steady stream of applications but has missed out on one important necessity of the citizens in the wake of the demonetisation. An official, Government sponsored mobile wallet that the people can trust and use with peace of mind. Post demonetisation, Paytm is processing over 7 million transactions a day, worth over Rs 120… Read More »