The bad news: Google has great announced soon Gmail will stop working

By | 7th February 2017

World famous search engine Google and its many tools we use on the Internet is. In addition to these important tools is a tool to stop Google Gmail is now. Do not be surprised, for all Gmail is not closed. It is closed to certain people. These eight issued notices to close by February Gmail being.


According to information of the old version of Google’s Chrome browser and supports Windows XP and Windows Vista to turn off Gmail has announced. If you do use these on your system, Gmail will stop. However, by the end of this year will continue to support. As of February 8, 2017. Notification will be given banners to users.


The world’s largest email service Gmail, the company announced the Windows XP and Windows Vista users will have the most impact because the browser updates usually take people. That is because the older operating system and browser which allows them to get security updates is easy for hackers to hack.

Google’s new browser, go to the old people and the operating system is asking. According to the official version of Google Chrome version of the old users will use the Gmail will increase the risk of hacking. Similar support is also now with XP and Vista, Microsoft has stopped.

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