By | 10th October 2016

BeatO is not just an ‘App’. It is a health coaching system which is unique as well as interesting.

The application was launched only early this year but already has 50,000+ users. An easy download allows you to carry your diabetes management system anywhere and everywhere.

BeatO was started by three friends who saw diabetes take a toll on themselves and their families, making them determined to curb this epidemic that is soon threatened to engulf the world. India alone has more than a 100 million diabetics, with the average age of individuals being diagnosed only decreasing. Diabetes is also emerging as a top cause of mortality as it gives rise to several complications – heart disease, kidney failure, blindness, foot amputations, etc. We desperately need a solution and BeatO is here now to tackle this.

One-of-its-kind, BeatO makes diabetes management and cares simple, affordable and effective. The information and services are all diabetes-centric. The app has an innovative approach to assist diabetic patients to manage their daily and periodic routines with ease.

Diabetologists and endocrinologists also appreciate the application because the concept can reach where the doctor cannot. All information about diabetes is generated from credible resources, making BeatO extremely reliable and helpful for a diabetic. Moreover, these doctors can easily review their patients’ data at a click and can engage more efficiently by making proactive interventions when their patients’ readings are not within range.

Diabetes patients require support from diabetes educators to understand their medications, insulin therapy, and diet as well as exercise management. BeatO provides this service by providing you counseling through their highly trained diabetes educators. This is available through multiple channels – chat, video calls, phone calls and even home visits.

The diet and exercise management is also beautifully integrated into the App as a tracker. Whether you use Fitbit or Jawbone, BeatO syncs up readings from your activity trackers and makes a comparison between calorie burn and calorie consumption. Specific exercises can be accounted for as well as the vast food ingredient database allows customized search.

BeatO believes that Diabetes patients are an asset whom they need to cater to and guarantee full satisfaction. Thereby, the App is created with these main objectives:

  1. Education
  2. Diabetes Care Services at Home
  3. Food and Data tracking
  4. Doctor Connect

When we break down each of these, education is about better-informed patients. If the know-how is accurate the therapy will be effective. The articles, blogs, updates are from qualified health and diabetes experts who ensure content quality. BeatO is all about originality and contemporary content. The informative reading material allows diabetes patients to be a step ahead in the self-care.

BeatO team loves to keep their diabetes customers engaged and thinking. The content posted is such that the patient has an ‘Aha!’ moment every time he visits the doctor as he would be already informed, thanks to the BeatO App.

When we discuss diabetes care at home, the relevance of it comes into the picture. Well, diabetes is a multi-faceted disease. There is more to it than just controlling blood sugar. It is about caring for foot, eyes, kidneys and heart as well. Diabetes can affect any age group young to old. Gestational diabetes makes life a roller coaster ride for an expectant mother.

Commuting, waiting in queues, family or professional responsibilities can make taking appointments with health experts cumbersome. This is where BeatO comes in. It allows requesting for an appointment with the best in town diabetes educators, technicians provide services such as ECG, Diabetes Retinopathy, Diabetic Foot Exams and Diagnostic tests in the comfort of your doorstep.

Data tracking allows users to feed all fitness and food record into the App and control your activities as well as diet.

The varied cuisine options allow the user to choose what they want to eat and adjust it accordingly with exercise using the food data.

The Doctor Connect allows users to connect with their doctors and share their information seamlessly, thereby making the experience for both the doctor and patient more efficient and focused on therapy.

Is there anything better than BeatO?

BeatO is customized for Asian Indian population. It is the first application to provide unique diabetes-centric services to Indians. The services are now rendered in Delhi/NCR but BeatO is expanding every day. This App covers a wide spectrum of services that no other Indian designed health application can do.

Doctors and health coaches who are experts in diabetes provide their inputs in creation and development of BeatO making it a wonder App for diabetes.

BeatO certainly will make a difference on how diabetes can be managed at home reinforcing self-care of diet, exercise, and medicines. Now, retinopathy, foot care and renal as well as heart health will not be ignored as BeatO ensures timely reminders and follow up.

With BeatO, a diabetes patient is better aware of his condition and regular intimation from the BeatO team will keep every diabetic self-motivated – to self-care.

This is a unique solution that allows family members to ensure that their dear ones are looked after well. An elderly parent with diabetes can be assured timely health checkup by a quick call and a visit from the friendly diabetes educators. This is such a relief for the son who is traveling or stuck in meetings. BeatO is your diabetes expert at your home. The approach has been cordial yet scientific. The experts are skilled and certified, yet polite and patient.

No longer will the patient have to endure long commutes and queues at the medical centers nor wait for a family member to visit the doctor.  All can be taken care at your humble abode now, BeatO is just a phone call or a click away.

Moreover, BeatO is a great option for those who are unaware. Just download the App on your friend’s, colleague’s or family member’s smartphone and get them thinking about pre-diabetes. After all, it is never too early to care about your health.

BeatO is a unique model for diabetes care and is well-accepted by many. We cherish the hard work the team puts in and comes up with bright new ideas to make routine diabetes management easy and effective.

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