Best Apps for Mobile Number Tracking

By | 29th October 2016

With the upcoming advancements in technology, a number of useful ideations for apps are also introducing to us day by day. Since the one big problem arises when you lost your own phone to use all these apps. Well, there are apps also available for such situations. Mobile Number and Phone trackerscome real handy for anyone who wants to track any mobile number or stolen device.

Today, I’m here to review some of the best Mobile Number Locator Apps for Android Ecosystem. Though there are number of Mobile Phone Trackers, but the number locators are really effective as they can identify or retrieve more information about the SIM Card but before starting the list, let’s get a brief introduction about the Number Locating Apps.


In the simple terms, Mobile Number Locators for Smartphones are the applications that allow you to track and locate the information about any mobile number, in terms of geographical location, Telecom Operator, and much more. Also, if you’re using the best ones available, then you might get the information about the Mobile Number Owner.

There’s another name for these types of apps that is reverse phone lookup. It also stands for finding the hidden information behind a mobile number. There are some reverse cell phone lookup servicesover the web which can help you to find some basic information about that particular number. For more deep information you need to purchase their premium version.

Now to make things more interesting one of the main feature about this app is that, even when you are offline or don’t have the Internet, you can still track down a mobile number right out of the box. And this app doesn’t come to your normal life, where you have to fill any text your loved ones with your friends which you can easily do using this app.

So let’s not wait anymore and take you through the list of the few apps that I am going to talk about today.

1). ShaPlus Caller Info

ShaPlus specially targeted for Indian users, is a user friendly mobile number tracker which can locate almost every Mobile Number in the country. Though it is not effective for new mobile numbers like Jio SIM cards but the directory updates quite often. So, you can track the number sooner or later.

It works quite great, and it automatically displays the SIM information during the call alert. The interface is very simple and it displays the location, Number Operator like Airtel, Idea, etc. but is only restricted to Indian users. All in All, a great app and is absolutely free to download from the PlayStore.


2). Mobile Number Call Tracker:

With this app, you will be able to track down any mobile number that is from India. You can track down the mobile number depending on the geographical areas like state city network provider and even the mobile network most amazing thing about. This app is that it works flawlessly even without Internet connection, which means even when you are in offline mode you will be able to track down any mobile number when you don’t have your data packet activated.


3). Mobile Location Tracker:

This may sound like a mobile locator, but personally, when I use this app I found it to be more of a mobile number tracker any mobile locator. This is an app that you don’t need to worry about turning on your GPS location, and the great thing about this app is that after every specific time interval, the location data of the given phone number will be saved. Even when the mobile number is on the move, this is really amazing by new want to keep track of a specific mobile phone with your loved one all for couples who want to keep a track of their partner who may think that the partner may be cheating on them. Except this one of the most important features that this app secures, it doesn’t allow the network provider to understand that the mobile number is being tracked by an app as it was under the radar leaving no trace behind.


4). Reverse Lookup App:

Last but not the least this is the best Android application which is really easy to use under any Telecom network, Reverse Lookup Application. This is the beastly app with very helpful features like locating the Mobile Number’s location, caller identity, and block users for future references.

Unfortunately, the application is not supported in India yet, but you can use it in other countries as well. The Reverse Lookup is free to download from the Play Store.

So these were the list of few of the best mobile number tracking apps that you can choose from for yourself. And now you can enjoy the security and also benefit from the terms of locating any number around the globe.


Do let me know if you’re using any of the applications, and I personally recommend you to go for the ShaPlus Application as it is specifically targeted for Indian users only. Please comment your thoughts on the review. Cheers!

Please Note that all of these tracker applications are meant for educational and informational purposes and should be used for any illegal reasons. And with that being said, you can go ahead and give these apps a try.

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