Best ASUS Laptops for 2016 – Gaming to Personal Use (latest asus laptops 2016)

By | 13th August 2017
Best ASUS Laptops for 2016 – Gaming to Personal Use (latest asus laptops 2016)

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Top 5 new and the best asus laptops to buy in 2016. All the laptops are based on its release date. Some of them are not available for sale yet. All the laptops comes under the latest category and there is no priority in the video(i.e not like #1 is better than #2). All the laptops are very impressive and one has to consider these before going for any older laptops from asus. #3 and #5 are exclusively for gaming and #1 and #2 are for office and personal use. #4 is best overall laptop.
Laptops featured with amazon links:

#1: ASUS TP200 :

#2: ASUS RAZOR : Not Yet Available for Sale

#3: ASUS ROG GX700: Not Yet Available for Sale

#4: ASUS X SERIES (X456, X556): Not Yet Available for Sale

#5: ASUS ROG G752 :

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8 thoughts on “Best ASUS Laptops for 2016 – Gaming to Personal Use (latest asus laptops 2016)

  1. Nathan Prescott

    For Sale! Laptop Asus X456UQ!
    Used but good as new!
    1st owner, bought last august 29, 2016

    Product Specs:
    – Intel Core i5 6200UQ 6thgen Processor, up to 2.8GHz
    – DVDROM
    – 1 TB HDD
    – 4GB RAM
    – Genuine Windows 10 home
    – Intel HD Graphics + 2GB NVidia 940 MX

    RFS: need money. hindi na matubos, Bought it for P33,495, P27k ko sana bebnta kaso nsa sanlaan, sobrang kinis pa hndi to yung actual piks, mas makinis pa dito yung sakin, Negotiable! Please Text 0916689178,
    Can handle AutoCAD 64bit, good for vlogging & mid-gaming, includes box, mouse, Laptop bag, you can check olx,

  2. Kar Ser

    h-e-l-p. Ive watched your videos but I am still in need of advice..can you recommend? my needs- I am NOT a gamer, I do the average  illustrator/photoshop/music editing, but not as a professional. what I need is good speakers/i7/8gigs ram/windows 10/1080 video quality/15" screen/ and last but not least, a laptop that does not feel and look plastic-ky, in other words a laptop with the basic brush allumininum type finish- is it far fetched to assume I can achieve this for under $800 ? your thoughts at your earliest please..cheers.

  3. Hamoza Hal

    what is the name of the pen please and the price of
    thnx for the vedio


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