Best WordPress Plugins 2014, Review & Tutorial Walk Thought

By | 1st September 2017
Best WordPress Plugins 2014, Review & Tutorial Walk Thought

Learn how to optimize a WordPress website in 2014 with free seo plugins.

20 thoughts on “Best WordPress Plugins 2014, Review & Tutorial Walk Thought

  1. stephanie griffin

    Hi Brian, 
    Awesome tutorial. How do I get the "Plug-in" section on my WordPress dashboard? Do I have to be a Pro member? 

  2. James James

    Free Plugins:

    Google XML Sitemap
    Pretty Links Lite
    Google+ Authorship
    Gravatar Widget
    Zemanta WordPress Related Posts
    Yoast SEO Plugin
    WP Socializer
    WP Smush it
    W3 Cache

    Thank you iiiii} : )

  3. NowSpinningTV

    Hi Brian! Great tutorials!!!! I tried to use Google+ Author Free but my website client has a Google Plus Business Page but doesn't feature the "Contributor To" field. How can I work around it 🙂

    Keep up the great work with your videos!

  4. The Hypsies

    Hello, Thank you so much for your videos, they are helping a lot!!! …Was wondering, since gravatar widgit for some reason is not coming up ( and I dont see the author on anything that does pop up for just keyword gravatar) If you had a suggestion on which to use to replace but resemble the same results. Thanks again!

  5. The Speaker

    Your video was great. Did you know, though, that WP Socializer creates a large green lump in the middle of the screen on mobile size?

  6. Brad Ward

    Hi Brian, I have to say that you have created some great videos. I spend a lot of time on Youtube looking for new training series and I find most people just skim through the content. 

    Thanks for taking the time to put these together. 

  7. Zac Duvernet

    Hey Brian, great videos thank you! So I am trying to set up Google+ authorship, but I am unable to see the Google+ box under user profile accounts. There is only email, website, twitter and facebook. I don't understand why I can't add Google+ account info to my user profile, please help!


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