Bicycle Commuting Pros And Cons Tips Night Cycling Bike Blogger

By | 5th September 2017
Bicycle Commuting Pros And Cons Tips Night Cycling Bike Blogger

Bicycle Commuting Pros And Cons Tips Night Cycling Bike Blogger

Bicycle commuting is freedom! πŸ˜€ Pros and cons of bicycle commuting are listed below as well as lots of tips and more videos!

Start small with short trips around your neighborhood and to the nearest parks.

Some people avoid bad weather days with rain and the “off season” with snow and ice but it all can be done with the right preparation. Fenders for rain and studded tires for ice. Proper clothing, spare clothes, cycling slower, and the right attitude.

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10 Pros of bicycle commuting (video links below)

– freedom
– health
– cycle time saves time getting in a healthy workout
– faster in densely populated urban cities
– cheaper than other transportation
– sustainability and the environment
– personal satisfaction of doing it!
– fun
– be different
– parking is easy, just don’t obstruct pedestrians

10 Cons of bicycle commuting (video links below)

– takes some preparation (see below tips)
– not as convienient for some lunch time errands
– emergencies where you need to be somewhere far away
– sweating and getting wet in the rain (video below)
– hazards / ice (get fenders, studded tires, ride slower)
– learning to ‘drive’ a vehicle again (lane control, using hand signals etc.)
– overcoming the fear of riding in traffic (read above)
– possibility of flat tire (see below, could happen with a car too)
– learning to work on your own bike can be daunting (use your local bike shop)
– initial cost of good quality bike (and backup bike if you like)

Preparation for bicycle commuting (video links below)

– drive part way then bike the rest if you live outside of town
– clothes that wick sweat, layers for winter, extra pairs for changing at work, bright and reflective
– locking your bike and where to lock it, leave a destination lock at your workplace
– carrying stuff like water, lunch, laptop, textbooks, and work papers
– bright lights, aim them so as not to blind other road users
– buy a bike you like and one that fits you comfortably by visiting a local bike shop
– pain means you need a bike that fits you better
– check maps for local bike routes and trails in your area
– groceries are easiest when living nearby a market or good public transit
– many purchases can be done online now
– visiting family and friends usually can be arranged somehow
– kids… make them bike to school πŸ™‚
– get a friend or coworker to ride with you if they live near you

About bicycle commuters and gender… as much as 75% are male and 25% are female in the United States; however, the increase in women bike commuters has exceeded men in recent years. The number of women bike commuters may be correlated to more bike friendly cultures.

Over 300 bicycle commuting videos on the BikeBlogger Youtube channel. Watch them all! πŸ™‚

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20 thoughts on “Bicycle Commuting Pros And Cons Tips Night Cycling Bike Blogger

  1. adam

    i USED to commute 45-50 minutes on about a 15km commute to work every day but now i live like 2.5km from work and i miss my commute πŸ™ i really need a powerful headlamp though.

  2. WalkDogs BuildMuscleLife

    One thing I've thought of with regard to emergencies; if there's an actual emergency in your area, there will be gridlock. Cars will be stuck..and a bike might be the only way home.

  3. MikeyLindsey'sAdventures

    i like your blogs my sight is just now doing that. I have reviews and adventured but need more stuff like his. I watch for another night riders perspective on night cycling I live in country so only cars I worry about are the beer can throwing rednecks lol, but I seriously get ran off road or ran over by all the stupid redneck drunks in duals and trucks as big a semi with semi exhaust leaving me in a cloud of bad exhaust smoke. thankskeep posting vids.

  4. tennu

    cars are for lazy people i woulf burn all cars . Thanks to cars and stupid people others die everyday because of it .

  5. Tracey McNeel

    Years ago I used to ride to work and as a female I would just pack the light items I needed (with a change of clothes for the next day left at work) and leave early to arrive earlier than scheduled for work and finish getting ready at work for the day; I loved riding to work. It is and was a lot of fun. πŸ™‚

  6. Tracey McNeel

    If you're looking for a brighter rear light try; Cygolite hotshot. Some of them are up to 150 lumens…I think for a rear light that should be really bright πŸ™‚

  7. mulherbarbada

    Hi, Bike Blogger! I'm a girl and love riding my bike, and even though I do ride it to work sometimes, I live in Brazil and the heat here is serious business, so I don't get to do it as much as I would like, cause I'd get to work all gross and sweaty (there are no showers where I work). Also it's not very safe, unfortunatelly. But I keep doing it when it's not so hot or when I know I won't be out till real late. Anyway, I really like your videos!

  8. danny obrien

    Pros – cycling is awesome, keeps you fit and gives you an adrenaline rush
    Cons – I've been in a few car accidents and that fucks you up for awhile.
    If your bike breaks it can be costly to get it repaired or buy a new one, depending on finances could take some time to get a new one.
    Drivers aren't your friend, cyclists have more responsibilty, we can't get away with being arseholes like some drivers.

  9. Fred Smith

    Atheists do believe in procreation, they also believe in the value of evidence, and they believe in one less god than the rest of the theists, unless you happen to be hindu in which case there's a million plus gods they'll not believe in.

  10. Feadds / BlackKidTv

    one con that anyone can get over. Others look at you like what the f*** your doing.

  11. Miles Matins

    Watching you ride the trail I'm looking for people who can pop out and try to rob or kill you.

  12. Erueti Foster

    All you've said I agree with my town is mostly flat.You can take advantage of places neither cars nor motorbikes can go. wear reflective & fluorescent clothing to be seen better. Also ebikes are a valid option I guess as I get older I'll look at it. I still say Christmas have a merry Christmas

  13. Katie Flinnn

    my pro for riding at night is there are less people out driving con is that it is cold and dangerous without flashlight and reflective gear

  14. David DeBergh

    Pro: Save money and you stay in shape. Con: Down here in FL the weather changes a lot.

  15. mrkwns24

    Great vid, BB! I'm subscribing to your channel. Recently, I began commuting to my workplace, which is a 10.5 mile trip one way. I've only put just over 120 miles on my new 2015 Izip E3 Path+ because the weather here in Oklahoma hasn't been the best these past 3 weeks, and it's forced me several times to drive my truck. I'll have to get some rain gear this weekend. Anyway, you've inspired me to start hunting for a single speed bike to use when I don't have to commute to work. On the weekends I use my cheap Schwinn 21-speed hybrid, which is a real lightweight compared to the ebike, but a single speed would be a great challenge, and it reminds me of the bikes I used to ride when I was very young. Well, please keep up the good work, and ride safe dude!


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