BlackBerry Q10 TIPS and TRICKS, Tutorial & Review Part 1 – Gadgets Portal SPECIAL

By | 21st August 2017
BlackBerry Q10 TIPS and TRICKS, Tutorial & Review Part 1 – Gadgets Portal SPECIAL

This is a special review on the new BlackBerry Q10 SmartPhone running on the BlackBerry 10.1 OS. I have shown all the Tips and Tricks in depth introduced by BlackBerry into this new phone and a sequel of this tips & tricks review is coming soon. So do Subscribe to this channel and keep in touch.

A written review:

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20 thoughts on “BlackBerry Q10 TIPS and TRICKS, Tutorial & Review Part 1 – Gadgets Portal SPECIAL

  1. Aman Tiwari

    Hi…I loved your video…
    You are the only Indian I have seen to do such detail review of BB Q10…
    Thanks for That…
    But it's 2016 and BB 10OS have got huge improvements with latest 10.3 update…
    Can you do a video of Q10 running on 10.3 with features and tricks?

  2. Obinna James

    please while going through my settings at a point my BB10 screen zoomed to high, so how do I return this?

  3. Elijah ladeza

    Are you aware of the SCREEN BURNS on the AMOLED SCREEN of Blackberry Q10?
    Are you experiencing it after years of using it?
    Thanks for reply

  4. Michael Petford

    I appreciate your video and at the same time finding it really funny as I've been abusing this phone at work for a couple years now (employer supplies them) You wouldn't believe what I've subjected it to. I've accidentally dropped it in to a bucket of water and watched it light up with a friend calling….panicked, wiped, answered! It's absolutely solid, but difficult to customize for what you want to do quickly. Good luck with apps. I use it for a trade job, it's everything from a trusty flashlight, to adept sound and video recorder for weekend music jams with friends. The support is the problem.

  5. Michelle Ann De Jesus

    Just purchased this phone and thanks for your vid I get to maximize it's feats awesome!

  6. Ronnie Underhill

    I just purchased a Q10 but it doesn't ring when called. Any suggestions?

  7. Niraj Mahida

    can you tell how to change led notification on blackberry q10

  8. Mark Wilson

    Excellent video. I found it very helpful. Learned a few things about my Q10. Thank you!

  9. Sean Lee

    great video! Just curious and completely random, is the US the only place where "Z" is pronounced "Zee" instead of "Zed"?


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