Blogger Tips #02 | Choose your media, know your options

By | 30th August 2017
Blogger Tips #02 | Choose your media, know your options

**Everything you need to know is right here, expand me please!
Whether you’re thinking about starting a blog or just looking to improve on the details, this series is for you! Future episodes will cover everything from video/lighting setup, media platforms to blog organization and much more. Leave me a suggestion if you have question!

BLOGGER TIPS // #01 Intro to bloggin & My blog story

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20 thoughts on “Blogger Tips #02 | Choose your media, know your options

  1. WinnieQueennie Lee

    hello. PBunnieP. how are you?
    I'm so happy to hear from you on pointing out a lot of the main issue have to be considered before start out a blog. i just a very fresh on blogging because i was just started a blog a few months ago. thanks for the tips !!

  2. Evangeline Rhema

    Great video! Helpful but it would be more helpful if you could explain how to earn money through it.. Could you do it in another video? 🙁

  3. a journey east

    Thanks for these tips! Really helped out a lot. I like you am a blogger and YouTuber and I definitely agree that finding the right balance is important! Just followed your lovely blog via Bloglovin'!

  4. pearl shining

    Hi!!!! this was a really helpful video, thank you a lot and i hope that will be a 4th episode!!! for me; i'm just starting my blog, and i really don't knowwhich content i will put there exactly!!! i want to do there, some DIYs, some cooking, some beauty tips, some advices for college, also some educational videos for college….ect what do you think???? will it be a rich blog or a confusing blog???? 
    i really need your help and thanks a lot

  5. Mel Goh

    To be honest i always thought a blog is like an online diary. So my blog is mostly about the things i do and not about reviews or advices… i think blogging should be something relaxing and happy (not when i'm ranting though.) I didn't know there's so much more to it. Hmmmm

  6. PBunnieP

    I intend to cover that in detail in a future video but the short answer is "windows movie maker" and "day light with a reflector" given I have very limited space and budget.

  7. PBunnieP

    Hi Elise! I'm not too familiar with tumblr but from the over all feel and layout I think you're off to a great start. I really enjoy the personal aspect of it, I think that's definitely a part of blogging that spans across all genres. Keep on trucking 🙂

  8. eebb3

    Hi, would really appreciate it if you could revie my blog: BELLE-BOOK.TUMBLR.COM
    Thanks! x

  9. COACG

    Hello video editor do you use? It's awesome. Also, what lighting techniques did you find works best for you?


    Hey, I'm so glad I stumbled across your channel. Thanks for these tips, I'm just starting out on youtube and I'll definitely be applying these tips you mentioned in this super helpful video 🙂

  11. Melissa

    Omg choke & die xD

    I took an HTML course a long time ago during an intership but I forget how to install buttons & connect the link/code. I was trying to cheat by asking for your help hehehe

    You're just so amazing at describing things, I'm sure I could follow your instructions! In the meantime I'll have to knuckle under & search harder. Thanks for the reply though <3 <3


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