Blogging tips from a full time blogger

By | 21st July 2017
Blogging tips from a full time blogger

I am so lucky to blog full time, so here are my tips for your. Links mentioned in the video:

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19 thoughts on “Blogging tips from a full time blogger

  1. KOTG

    Hello, your videos are really good! Are you trying to find guest artist?

  2. Samantha Mussellwhite

    Emma thank you so much for this post. I opened up a WordPress blog a month ago but had the fears you spoke about in this video. I'm now thinking about opening a proper blog! Do you have to only post about one topic to be successful? X

  3. Vogue Vxn

    Hi Emma,  I have been a part time blogger for a while and feel I am ready to go full time now so this information has been priceless!

  4. TheDePino's

    I love your videos! Your outlook is SO positive! 🙂 thanks for the tips!!

  5. Joann Greig

    I feel like I'm on the start of this journey to doing what I am passionate about (saving money like yourself) and working from home. It's something I didn't think was possible but now I can see a way ahead and it's all because of you. I know I have years to go but the short term goal is cutting down my working week to three days and then two days blogging etc. Thank you Emma for all your honesty and help x

  6. What Cha Sellin

    Emma, When will you be in O town (Orlando)? I live in Florida
    and would love to meet the both of you and buy you a tea. I will be visiting family in Greenwich in May… Maybe we can meet then?

  7. Sarah Tonin

    Fascinating.:) When you refer to your "blogging",does it include your YouTube videos,or just your written blogs? xxx

  8. Citaborca and daughters

    Brilliant video, thank you. Has inspired me to have a go. How long does it take to grow your page views on a brand new blog? Have you got any videos/posts specifically on growing page views?

  9. Louise

    Amazing video Emma – as always!
    Have purchased the bundle & as soon as I can think of a name for my new adventure I'll be going with your recommended host company. 🙂
    xxx PS. Amazing hair day!!!

  10. The Frugal Teen

    My boyfriend googled it and found out that you earn more than a league 2 footballer :O
    That's incredible, all the work must really pay off, well done! xxx

  11. Lollipop Box Club

    Thanks Emma, This is really helpful.
    I have a blog attached to my website, but because of this I don't think there's a possibility of monetising it. Funnily enough, I started back up my old personal blog again that I've had since 2008, but hadn't used for almost 2 years as I've been using the new business blog attached to my site. I think I need to look in to what I can do with the old one. You've inspired me. Thank you. Lisa x

  12. Karl Frederick

    Hi Emma, great video. I'd like to know what you think about niche compared to various topic blogs from a monetary point of view. I am finding it hard to niche down and all I keep reading is that making money from a multi topic blog is near on impossible? It's holding me back from starting because I want to earn money from a blog, I don't just want to do it as a hobby. Thanks

  13. Indian MOM In Australia

    I have just started my blog and I am super excited to grow it.. thankyou for the tips

  14. Ready Thready Sew

    I would be interested to hear a bit about what you think your long term future might look like. Is blogging a 'job for life' or do you have plans for as you get older?

  15. 57samurai

    Nice Vid Emma, just looking at getting into blogging myself, I really enjoy your posts


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