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Google Publisher Plugin

Google has released the first official wordpress plugin “Google Publisher Plugin” which is currently in Beta mode. The plugin helps you to easily connect with google products. Currently it can easily be integrated with Google Adsense and Webmaster Tools. How to use Google Publisher Plugin? You can download the plugin from wordpress plugin directory. OR you can search… Read More »

Top Web Hosting Companies in India

With advancements in internet technology and growing popularity of web based businesses in India, there is an increased need for good web hosting companies and plans. Within India, a huge number of reliable web hosting companies function and offer their services and hence it can be a little tricky to select the best one out of the lot.… Read More »

How to Create Forms that allow File Uploads

Google Forms are probably the best service for creating online forms but they miss a few key features found in commercial web form builders. Google Forms do not allow file uploads, there’s no option for adding CAPTCHA in forms to prevent spam and, what may be of interest to the legal and retail industry, Google Forms cannot capture electronic signatures. A school… Read More »

How to Host your Website on Google for Free

The Royal Family of UK has selected Google as the web hosting provider for Prince William’s official wedding website. The site, available at, contains news updates, photo galleries and videos and everything is hosted on Google App Engine. What’s new here? Web developers have long used Google App Engine to host web apps in the cloud –… Read More »

How MGID Traffic Exchange Increased My Blog Traffic by 55%

For a blog the most important thing is Traffic and different ways can be use to drive traffic to a blog. I have tried lots of ways to increase my blog traffic, for example search engine optimization, social bookmarking, voting websites etc, all contributed in traffic generation for TechManish, but just a few months ago i started with… Read More »

9 Reasons why you should have a Blog for Your Business

For a person who is in this industry for quite some time now, it pains me to note how often business owners forget the importance of Internet. Most of the business owners are of the view that, for the growth of their business, an active online presence is not a prerequisite. They think that online dealing could never… Read More »

The Benefits of Hosting Your Website on a Dedicated Server

Buying a new hosting plan may be difficult for people who are less experienced with different types of servers. Most hosting companies generally offer cheap hosting plans that start from as little as £10. These are extremely popular amongst website owners who are launching their sites for the first time. The hosting company generally uses a shared hosting… Read More »