Building a social news site in Django – Part 1 (Screencast)

By | 23rd July 2017
Building a social news site in Django – Part 1 (Screencast)

Building a social news site in Django - Part 1 (Screencast)

This screencast shows you how to build a social news site called “Steel Rumors” similar to Hacker News. Read the blog post to know more:

Music: Kevin MacLeod

20 thoughts on “Building a social news site in Django – Part 1 (Screencast)

  1. Saprative Jana

    what is the emacs plugin that you are using to draw the mindmap .

  2. Friendly Siren

    When I add votes in the admin, it doesn't show up on the link_list.html page. I've checked my code over and over and I can't find any error. Do you know how I can fix this?
    By the way, I'm using Django 1.7 and Python 3.4

  3. Tushant Khatiwada

    Can you teach GeoDjango . As in today date geodjango will be beneficial for everyone for learning and implementing it on their own way . I wanted to learn from you . You are a great tutor for me . 

  4. Live Life

    can you review django pinax and make a tutorial video please

  5. Ryan Nevius

    Really great stuff! Thanks for putting in the time to create such a good resource.

  6. Arun Ravindran

    Thanks! The font is much bigger than normal actually. Just check with the wider player or full screen. The template locations by default are expected in certain locations if we use Generic Views. Of course, they can be changed. I am thinking of explaining the "whys" of the tutorial in a separate post to cover such things.

  7. Xnaarkhoo

    Thanks a billion – 2 suggestions:

    1) might be your can write with a larger font in your editor !
    2) would be really helpful to explain more about the structure of files; for example your are making the base.html in /template folder but link_list.html in the link folder !

  8. Mitch Downey

    hah i'll be using djangorocks as virtualenv from now on

  9. SelfMastery

    Thank you Arun for these great tutorials! So much knowledge in them! Eagerly witing for part 3!


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