Cheating husband caught red handed – TV9

By | 5th August 2017
Cheating husband caught red handed – TV9

Cheating husband caught red handed

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20 thoughts on “Cheating husband caught red handed – TV9

  1. MaCaGa Tiger

    i am tired of these things…if the wife doesn't want to coexist with the husband …doesn't want to adjust with him… they should just divorce..but the issue is the male is afraid that he will get sued by dowry harassment case… that is why they just leave house and start a new relationship with some one else…. the day filing fake dowry harassment cases become illegal…. genuine divorce application will increase…and also cases like these will go down… anyway it's completely wrong to corner someone…like this…he left you… have some dignity and separate… all this is done to get revenge … and it's a shame that Media is supporting such cheap people…cheap media…making India cheap..!!!

  2. Madhu Rima

    Baga jarigindhi vadava ki wife undaga varey dhanitho undatam anti alaantiapudu marage chesukokudadhu marage chesiukinaka andhuku ha Chatha paniluuuu chi………

  3. vamsi gandhi

    thokkalo tv 9 enduku Ra Mee channel asalu aina donga na kodukulu mere Ra dabbu kosam me kada Ra meeru chi thokkalo channel

  4. kumatti kutty

    its ok if husband wants a change…we are all human… women too need a lot of changes… there shd be understanding between understanding…. but women mostly are so involved in husband children and family's future… husbands want momentary pleasure

  5. telagam rupa rani

    Vedani vedi amma nana in dharunamga avvamaninchi jeevithantham jailo chithra himsalu pettali

  6. Raju Kapakapa

    ndukamma public cheyyakudadhu elantivi maname choosukovali elantivi; ND nve Ipudu mee husbandtho undalevu unchadu so maname sari chesukovali ilanti
    TV channelslo vasthe veellu paruvu theesestharu

  7. usha badavath

    siggu ledhane weste dhana peli Aina magaditho kapuram cheyyadanki
    ..papam nu adadhanevegane kadhA neku mogudu ledhane hawli dana.nee lanti Valle magavalu vala wife's nu pattinchukovadam ldu

  8. sreenivas b

    this is trash video, she is talking illogical in phone. she kept her husband in mental hospital, now she want him to go to jail. stop promoting women or men use logic in news.

  9. puneet yadav

    he was just trying to get a better life.why so much drama over it???


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