Chrome or Firefox, Which is the Best Browser for your Android

By | 7th October 2016

Fifteen years ago, Mozilla was born and it gave us a wonderful, web defining, quick tool for our Internet journey. We finally had a choice, and we moved from Internet Explorer to Firefox.

History repeats but this time it wasn’t about Netscape and IE, it was about IE and Firefox. Browser battle hasn’t stopped since then, it’s growing and need for change, got us going with Google Chrome.

That said, it is difficult to blame a browser as it has it’s own sides of positive and negatives.

Here, I will discuss about the best so possible browser for your Android device, which has been widely installed and used all over the world since it’s inception.


When Microsoft had IE and Apple having Safari, Google felt left behind. Being major search engine, it badly wanted to create it’s path to tool mechanism instead of only remaining a website, Chrome was answer.

Chrome really got the pulse of citizens and it saw huge endorsement by many. It had every possible support from all the organization of Google, be it translation, storage, Gmail, moreover an operating system of it’s own, the Android.

With new web standards coming on screen, it has been difficult for most of the browsers to get them right on their pages. Few games really challenged the depth of the Chrome and concluded that Chrome needs better HTML5 handling, as well JavaScript understanding.

Chrome has now come up with improvised version, which overtakes other browsers in some standards. Chrome really takes advantage of the parent, and guess what? it’s search results are better and faster than any other browser.

One impressive thing we should all agree to is, no matter how much time it takes, Chrome always shows your 3D, graphics and animations like nobody does. When it comes to multimedia, Chrome holds upper hand.


Chrome had the advantage of being introduced by a biggie but Firefox has no such advantages, whatever it has done, has paid off, gradually. It was difficult for Firefox to convince IE fans that web is sleek and fast, safety assured as well.

It dint take much time hit the top and Firefox is one of the widely used web browser. But how is it’s performance on phone? especially in Android system. No denying that Safari is the widely used browser since it sports in it’s home device iPhone and iPad but now it’s time for Android with less of restrictions to users.

Can Firefox outperform Chrome? Well, the answer is Yes and No. It does pretty good when you want it to load a basic website, having not much of multimedia but when it comes to loading of sites having rich content format, Firefox drops a bit of time.

It has managed to implement most of the latest web standards but lacks 3D developments. Here, Firefox doesn’t have any advantages of clubbing with the well known online services.

There is nothing like sync with your data as you do in Chrome, you sign in to Chrome and access it anywhere. But few see it as a better set for privacy as Mozilla is non-profit organization.

Finally, if you still want to explore what suits you best, try both of them and here are some other best web browser in Android. If you have any experienced better browsing with any other, do let us know with your comments below.

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