Create a holographic projector for your smart phone within 10 minutes

By | 3rd January 2018
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Create a holographic projector within 10 minutes

What ever you think about future, our future may be very excited as compared to not you must think can I live the future now. Yes, it is possible you can live the future, we want to see every things in 3 dimension, for such 3d experiences we have to wear some other glasses and then only can enjoy effect but with open eyes you may think its not possible.

Wait !! here i’ll make every thing true, below there are some steps by following those you can make a holographic projector and enjoy the effect with your open eyes.

Things required :-

  • Graph paper
  • CD case
  • Tape or Super Glue
  • Pen
  • Scissors
  • Smartphone
  • Knife or glass cutter


How to create holographic projector

step 1 : Draw a rhombus shape on graph paper with 1 cm x 3.5 cm x 6 cm.

holographic projector

Step 2 : Cut out the shape with scissors.

holographic protector


 step 3 : Place the rhombus cut-out against the CD case and trace it.

holographic protector
Step 4 : Cut the shape from the CD case by glass cutter, we need total of four pieces. 

holographic projector
 Step 5 : Now at last you'll have to  Glue the pieces together on their edges. Regular glue may not work as well
          and once they were set, your hologram projector is ready !!

holographic projector

Step 6 : Now placed it on the center of your smartphone or any screen.Now you can enjoy the world of 3 dimension.

holographic projector


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