DEBBIE LATEST NEWS! Wasserman Schultz Admits She Hid Awan’s laptop From Police!

By | 16th August 2017
DEBBIE LATEST NEWS! Wasserman Schultz Admits She Hid Awan’s laptop From Police!

Debbie Wasserman Schultz has admitted that she actively hid Imran Awan’s laptop from DC police.

Speaking with the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Schultz admits that the laptop she fought Capitol Police from accessing was one that she had never seen and had never belonged to her.
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20 thoughts on “DEBBIE LATEST NEWS! Wasserman Schultz Admits She Hid Awan’s laptop From Police!

  1. Rickarama Trama

    MAN THAT ROBOT VOICE IS A DRAG AND I WON'T BE USING THIS NEWS CAST ANYMORE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mitchell Hewett

    I would like for the Democrat Party to explain why they have a Pakistani Muslim terrorist handling classified and top secret information could it be the Democrat Party has joined Allegiance with the Muslim Brother Hood

  3. Buck Bird

    Time for all the birdies to start singing…this is going to be very interesting to see where all the democratic elitist heads are going to fall!

    Hillary are you watching????

  4. IDIOT Bob

    wasserman schultz is a liar . but she is one of hillarys slaves making her above the law.

  5. Michael Angelo

    Shits needs to go to prison . Based on her horrible looks and bad behavior .


    if debbie cut her hair she would look like a man….a very very ugly man……………………………………

  7. coolandtall

    Nothing will happen. THE FIX IS IN.
    No high ranking US politician will be held accountable for anything; much less got to jail.
    Obamacare and jails are for little people…

  8. Elaine Clinton

    It doesn't matter because soon they will have to do it with out all the Christian Believers.
    We have days not years until Jesus Christ comes and gets his Saints and then Barack obama and the Globalist will run this country into the ground with the Muslims.
    Then Evil will walk the ground and hell will be to pay!
    Then the Globalist will be in the under ground Bunkers of wealth they have stolen and then one day they will cry out for the mountains to fall on them to hide to hide them from the LORD and the LORD WELL" HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST!>

  9. Trevor Grosso

    If she does not go to jail then there truly no justice n this country, imagine how many people are in jail for MUCH less criminal activity. they just put an Amish guy in jail for six years for making and selling skin care products to his people with out registering with the government it is well known that every thing in this product is harmless.

    Now imagine in view of things like that going on all over the country to people how in the hell this sinister politician and criminal is not being put on trial and sent to jail. The list of her crimes is very long and for many years. Look what she did to Bernie Sanders it was despicable and plain evil. She has never had any shame about all she has done, she is incapable of having shame, you have to have a soul and a conscience to have shame she has neither.

  10. MGTOW Mike

    Noodles is one fugly woman, imagine sticking your dick in that….WOOF!!

  11. Steve Dwyer

    Little Debbie will be "Blood sacrificed" by the Cabal..She is a MESS and ready to spill the Satanic beans…WATCH

  12. Algorithm X

    we need to catch schultz and shave her head…..then we can make fun of her by calling her "Smithers" .

  13. j.r. Miles

    Up Wake That is the most fucked up robo voice on you tube yet.. they all suck but yours takes the cake. I got to 0:50 when i had to turn the shit off… you might do better if you changed that…


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