How to delete facebook account permanently

By | 17th October 2016

Facebook is the most commonly used social net working site. Facebook helps us to connect with our friends or to post status or share photos or videos with others. But many people want to delete their Facebook Account due to many reasons. If you are one of them and want to delete your account permanently, then here is the solution for your problem.


Just follow these simple steps to delete your Facebook account permanently.
1.Log in to your Facebook Account.

2.Go to Account Settings and then Security.

3.Now click on Deactivate account.

For security reasons it asks your password. Now simply type your password and you are down. That’s it your account will be deactivated.

Note: Your name in your friend’s list and your messages still remain visible. For complete removal of your account it will take 30 days,till don’t log in to your account.


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