Design + Code — Hour 8.3: Fun Javascript Stuff

By | 6th August 2017
Design + Code — Hour 8.3: Fun Javascript Stuff

Design + Code — Hour 8.3: Fun Javascript Stuff

Lets finish out the Articles section by adding a bit of sparkle. Oh, what fun!

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19 thoughts on “Design + Code — Hour 8.3: Fun Javascript Stuff

  1. Martin Novák

    Everytime I watch your videos I learn more then when I am trying to learn things from books. Thank you 🙂

  2. Tony Farrugia

    Hi Travis, I just watched this and love it! I have one big question that I'd like to get your view on please – and that's where javascript has been disabled in the browser. What's your approach to this? How important is this in the design decisions? If you're looking for video suggestions, I'd like to see a video on ways to code this. Keep up the good work!! Tony.

  3. Josias Busiquia

    At 8:00 you're passing a function to setInterval() that calls another function. This is unnecessary, you can just pass the articleData() function directly:

    setInterval(articleTada, 4000);

  4. Jake Wiesler

    dude how do you have so little views id watch even if i didn't know how to use a computer. but if that were the case how would i get here??? why am i not capitalizing?!?! what. is. happening…

    EDIT: Long night / day / night

  5. TheMisionar

    Hi Travis! Can you make animated banner for your next tutorial using html, css, and js? It's easy with photoshop, but I struggle a lot with this using only those 3 things. That way we could have full control over every element from banner (changing logo, font size, background of a single slide, remove one or more slides…) Keep up the great work that you are doing! 🙂

  6. candh

    Kinda makes me cringe sometimes.. Hey! It's right there! LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID WRONG! haha. fun times

  7. Rafael Nascimento Sampaio

    I Know that now may be late, but you can use regular expressions on find and replace, for example to replace all ;, { and } you could search for (;|{|}) the pipe works just like in on programming languages as an or operator, the () is more to capture, but isn't needed.

  8. Kent Budolfsen

    Hi Travis – once again a super video – you are my codinghero…

    Here is a little useful tip to atom/sublime text

    If you mark the semicolon and hit CMD+D then atom/sublime marks the next semicolon and you can delete it og change it to whatever.

  9. Gary Caseman

    All caught up deigning the site right along with you. Love the videos and you make these things easy to learn and follow. Thanks and keep on hacking

  10. Vaughn Haynes

    I finally got caught up. Excellent work. I might have to consider switching from wordpress

  11. Senhor Sulaiman

    This is awesome I have learned a lot and loved animations in this section 😀

    Please help me in that i cannot run Jekyll on windows.Do have any solution(Hour 4.1 for windows).thanks :)))


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