Design + Code my Personal Website in 12 hours – Hour 1: Discovery

By | 14th September 2017
Design + Code my Personal Website in 12 hours – Hour 1: Discovery

Today we start an incredibly personal project. Thank you for joining me on this.

Last year’s long series:

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20 thoughts on “Design + Code my Personal Website in 12 hours – Hour 1: Discovery

  1. 陈瀚龙

    Hey, I'm a 45 yr old idiot with no previous computer experience. I started to play with html and css recently and got addicted. Problem is being an idiot, I can copy and memorize sites from books or youtube, and I know most of the code, but when it comes to the css, I'm useless. Lost. If I change any detail, or try to do my own from scratch, I have NO idea why anything is happening. It all goes out the window. I use youtube videos, I have books by John Ducket, and I even tried paying Treehouse, which seemed to be a total waste of time and a bit of a scam. Is there any hope for me? Any advice? How can I learn CSS? Lots of lessons out there, but not with much explanation of WHY everything is happening. People use padding, margins, floating in different ways, it seems. I just don't get it. I copied a home page from my book, and it only took up a small part of the page, no matter what percentages or pixels I used.

  2. Ernest Chan

    Travis you are our main inspiration for all of the web designer or UX/UI designer who try to break into the game. Thanks so much!

  3. Jonathan Tash

    I love that you are teaching and working at the same time! I have had too many teachers that turned out to just be enthusiasts, who like to yammer about their favorite things.

  4. jjj web

    I want to work in google company

    I am read in class 10th
    what I can do for my dream bro

  5. Mark Angelor Tu-yo

    wow! this is so nice, i'm able to see how it's really done, the way of thinking is important. thank you for sharing this!

  6. Miel Seña

    Hi im new to this.. I would like to make a personal website. my very first website is not so good.. any suggestions? how to deal with this


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