Design your own custom wordpress website theme

By | 15th August 2017
Design your own custom wordpress website theme Design your own custom wordpress website theme. Make WordPress themes and create your own small home business.

20 thoughts on “Design your own custom wordpress website theme

  1. Bart Timberlake

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  2. Dharminder Singh

    hello very nice for this vdio, iam biginetr,and please sir help me , ineed your help ,how i make desgin theme online and let first step ,install wordpress than ,make a theme hoe and than its customize ,than adjsutment all ,please sir you know evry thing please help ,reqst you sir please my id is this
    realy nice your vido ,you great man .good job thank you

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  4. Jon Doll

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  5. TheRealAdamT

    You have to expect such negative feedback for a program that costs $150 to be used in conjunction with software(WordPress) that has gained such popularity BECAUSE it's free. Don't make yourself out to be a martyr. Perhaps if you issued a disclaimer at the beginning of the video, the amount of dislikes would be less.

  6. CustomizeWordpress

    It's a good attempt to sell some software, however you can do all this free.

  7. Darren Veerapa

    hey, stay positive. keep at it! you're doing good – you are helping πŸ™‚

  8. Paulina Castaneda

    @Computerbasics Hi Mitz, well i am so not a computer person. But you are by far the first person that actually explains things step by step on your videos. Maybe I haven't navigate the inter that much but I think I'll stick with you. You sound like some one I can defenetly trust and that can guide me all the way. I have tried everything you've said to do but no luck.There is something wrong with my cpanel. I hope BrainHost fixes it fast. Thank you so much don't stop making videos please.

  9. Rogelle

    Thanks for the quick lesson. And you don't sound like someone who knows it all. Haha! I like that you sound very pleasant. πŸ™‚

  10. Allatoona Lake - Ga Lake

    Thank You!…for this video – I have Artiseer but I haven't really used it. Now I'm going to give it a try.

  11. Computerbasics

    Thanks guys…Its people like you that I do the videos for…

  12. Jestercorp

    @Computerbasics no, they're just trolling

    This video is good for people without much tech savvy. most the people trolling are not in that category n they don't see it from that perspective. Most people take for granted what is common these days, where 10-15 years ago this stuff was all cutting edge. lol

    I didn't know you could straight up make a WP template with artisteer. It looks like a microsoft program tho, so now I know I'll never ever use it.

    btw its joomla, not jumala

    good job tho


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