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Learn how to restore your file after permanent delete

NOW YOU CAN RESTORE  YOUR DELETED FILE EVEN IF YOU HAVE  DELETED IT PERMANENTLY Now you can restore your delete file, whenever we create any document it is very important to backup it. Many times we creates very important official files and we save all the files in the folder. As we are human beings and we human… Read More »

| Pocket laptop | A laptop that can be fit in your pocket | GPD- win |

 LAPTOP THAT CAN FIT IN YOUR POCKET OR IN YOUR SMALL BAGS ( POCKET LAPTOP ). GPD win is a small pocket laptop, specially featured for gaming. This laptop run with the full version of window 10. GDP means  GAME PAD DIGITAL, it is a techno company of China . This product is specially featured with video games… Read More »

How to rip Dynamic Flash Template

What you need: Sample dynamic flash template from TM website Sothink SWF Decompiler Macromedia Flash Yourself 1. browse or search your favorite dynamic flash template in TM website. If you got one… click the “view” link and new window will open with dynamic flash.. loading… 2. If the movie fully loaded, click View -> Source in your browser… Read More »

126 Low Competition Keywords List with High CPC [Fresh List 2016]

Low competition keywords are those keywords which have less competition and can easily be ranked in search engine result pages. I am going to list 126 Low competition keywords with highest CPC bidding in this post. Means, you can rank as well as bank dollars easily by targeting these keywords. I have listed keywords from these four categories; Technology… Read More »

What is Alexa Rank and How We improve it

What is Alexa Rank…? Alexa Rank is a ranking system provided by alexa internet company . Alexa Internet was established in 1996 by Brewster kahle and Bruce Gilliat . is controlled by the . evaluating the number of visits on various Web sites and provides the rank for your sites and blogs . it has… Read More »