Divi Theme Tutorial: Build a Website From Scratch With No Coding

By | 5th August 2017
Divi Theme Tutorial: Build a Website From Scratch With No Coding

http://www.portableentrepreneur.com/divi – A Step-By-Step Tutorial to Using The Divi Theme from Elegant Themes to build professional WordPress websites with no coding required.

16:26 – See the Divi builder in action

The Divi Theme and Divi builder are a powerful combination that provides drag n’ drop capability for building flexible websites without any experience or any coding knowledge required.

In this video tutorial we walk step-by-step through how to build a WordPress website from scratch starting with a blank WordPress install all the way to a final product.

Here you will learn how to use the sections, rows and modules of the Divi builder to create a website the looks and functions anyway you’d like.

Learn how to install a WordPress theme here:

Learn how to create a new page in WordPress here:

Get familiar with the WordPress dashboard here:

20 thoughts on “Divi Theme Tutorial: Build a Website From Scratch With No Coding

  1. Mandeep Singh

    Pls checkout my request below which I am sending to each and every WordPress company but they are not replying satisfactory so please help me…

  2. Joint Heirs Assembly International Inc

    Informative video. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. B. Simmons

    Thank you so much. How you explained Divi was a tremendous help. Excellent job!

  4. Joseph M Gomez

    Do I need to have WordPress installed on my computer to work with Divi Theme?

  5. JHillCBR

    How did you get get the header image to the correct size? I have been following along with this tutorial to get familiar with divi and my header image (same as yours) is still being cut off. I noticed in your tutorial, suddently yours was fixed 9 at around 24.40, but didn't see or hear an explanation on how to fix it. Thanks.

  6. Leslie Adams

    wow! so informative. as a newbie, this walked me through step-by-step and was easy to understand….thank you!

  7. Ollie Stanley

    Excellent video. I too am a lifetime member with Elegant Themes and DIVI is the only theme I use. And even though I've read plenty of the Elegant tutorials, and watched their videos I learned quite a bit watching your video. You're better with your presentation than Nick Roach at Elegant and he's pretty good. I'll be checking out the visual builder video next, even though I've watched the Elegant video and read the material on it. Thanks so much.

  8. jesvintj Jose

    How much money will you charge for designing a wordPress website using Divi?

  9. Bridget Ulrich

    Thanks for the help! Loved the video — I see you might be in VA too! Northern Virginia entrepreneurs unite! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. AnamCara

    Thank you for sharing this tutorial.

    I have completed one of your udemy videos and now this video. You have a wonderful talent for teaching and sharing your knowledge. I have found your videos extremely useful and interesting… Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Joanne Bastian

    I love this vid, thank you very much.Very helpful as I have just purchased this theme to work on several sites.

  12. Motaz Naimat

    how can i make a navigation sidebar for the a one page website like the one in the is video at the begining…… ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Tyga McHenry

    Quite succinct as a preview. Just what I needed – thanks!

  14. Portable Entrepreneur

    Check out the new Divi 3.0 frontend visual builder. Brand new tutorial here:

  15. Spongle

    Hey! I'm totally new to this and just had a couple of questions.

    1) Do you need to pay for a WordPress license / subscription too?
    2) Can you continue to edit your site via Divi, if for example your 1 year subscription expires?
    3) Will you (realistically) always need access to a Divi / Elegant themes subscription so that you can continually update to the newest versions?

    Many thanks ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. Juan Carlos Partidas

    Hi Christine. I am taking a couple of your courses at Udemy, but I must say that I found them thanks to your great Youtube channel. Just starting, but already finding lots of important tips. : )

    Now I have a question about Divi and the business model for a person who wants to use it to create web sites for clients. I own a Lifetime Access and I would like to ask you: When you create a customer's web site using Divi do you ask the client to buy a subscription or you use yours, and if so, how they do to update their site when new versions of Divi come?

    I am learning the technical skills but I still need to know so many aspects of the business side…

    Thanks in advance

  17. vojkanbg

    Is there a way to just click and install Demo content from a chosen theme?


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