DJI Osmo Mobile — In-Depth Review and Tests [4K]

By | 17th July 2017
DJI Osmo Mobile — In-Depth Review and Tests [4K]

Link to DJI store:
DJI’s brand new Osmo is Osmo Mobile, a 3-Axis stabilizer for your smartphone that has Active Tracking and Motion Timelapse.

DJI Osmo Mobile — 10 Tips For Better Video:

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20 thoughts on “DJI Osmo Mobile — In-Depth Review and Tests [4K]

  1. OpTom An

    Please! Does somebody know some aplication, like filmic pro, but for android? Some which i can control with the osmo mobile buttons?

  2. Kristian Rasmus Bjerre

    Awesome video! I am convinced. Is it possible to use the DJI in portrait mode or only landscape? Would be awesome if you could do both!

  3. Samantha Alex

    wow you are so full of energy, love watching your videos (y)
    i have an iphone 7 really want to get the dji osmo mobile, however been watching a lot of reviews about it & it doesn't seem to really work well with the iphone, has that jittering/jello thing, how come it does not jitter in yours, am i missing something?
    please help clarify this issue for me, i really want to get osmo mobile but cannot afford to waste my money if it will not work with my iphone 7

  4. Neil Watcyn-Palmer

    Hi – I bought one in April and I find that when I am jogging with it the gimbals give up and fail. Have you any thoughts on how "rough" / extreme the unit should be capable of steadying .


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