Donald Trump’s account will be banned if he doesn’t comply with rules: Twitter

By | 1st December 2016

Twitter and Facebook have been quite serious about banning accounts that do not comply with their respective rules. And, Twitter has decided to play it fair for all its users and won’t hesitate banning any account, including President-elect Donald Trump.

A Twitter spokesperson, when asked by Slate if the company would ban a government official or Trump himself, said that, “The Twitter Rules prohibit violent threats, harassment, hateful conduct, and multiple account abuse, and we will take action on accounts violating those policies.”

Twitter Rules are for all accounts, and don’t exclude Verified accounts.

On the other hand, Facebook says that its community standard rules may not apply to posts from President-elect Trump. “Facebook has indicated that it will not apply its normal community standards to posts from President-elect Trump, given their newsworthiness and the widespread popular support for his views,” the report adds.

Twitter has been in a tricky position. On one hand, it has been facing flak for no control over abusive users, while on the other hand criticised for curbing freedom of speech, a sole principle that the platform is based on. Both Facebook and Twitter were criticised for not-so-stringent anti-terrorism policies, and have been taking a stringent action against it.

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