Double or Triple Your Internet Speed – This Method Actually Works!

By | 20th July 2017
Double or Triple Your Internet Speed – This Method Actually Works!

Do you want some of the creature comforts of a business internet line, but don’t want to pay the ridiculous price most cable companies offer? There may be another way…

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20 thoughts on “Double or Triple Your Internet Speed – This Method Actually Works!

  1. shaneclipse97

    in the dsl world they have something called bonded dsl. as for a cable connection I work for an major isp in the US and most of the time they wont do more than one connection at a location for resi service

  2. Lightning Houndoom

    lol this guy is whinging about only have 10mbps while i struggle to get 2 mbps

  3. Garth Palmer

    i havent really tapped out my 60 Mbps connection honestly…

  4. bamboo82tm

    ISP already using bonding here. Need bonding on bonding. Double bonding

  5. albert

    I use a trick for super fast internet with an LTE phone unlimited data just connect through (PdaNet) USB cable, I get around 40/Mbps up-to over a 120/Mbps download… it's extremely cheap compared to speed I get

  6. uppishcub1

    i pay $40 a month for 1mbps while you get 20mbps for $37 , why is life so cruel

  7. Slushpies

    *inserts wire through disc*
    Me: …
    Me: It was worth a shot.

  8. Tran Nhat

    > when you live in a third world country with 1.3mbs internet :/

  9. Stuart Marsland

    my isp told me im not allowed another 350mb connection to my house….. although network runs at 20gb…… i just got to stop downloading as the isp keeps telling me off, dosnt help when there is a computer in 'Every' room and mos are constantly being used.

  10. mohammed babaa

    Linus, It sounds like you need someone who knows Networking. There is nothing magic about the devices most routers when configure correctly can load-balance. Without the need for some off-site scrambler de-scrambler. or needing to pay for some service.

  11. computer tutorials12

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    I have slow internet
    And so do you.

  12. PixelBoyZ

    rip 1mb/s user, had to stole public wifi for 5 – 10mb/s speed

  13. Apple Playz

    I'm paying 75 dollars for 1 gigabyte down and 750 mb upload


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