Facebook secrets you must know

By | 20th July 2017
Facebook secrets you must know

Facebook secrets and smileys codes you must know

1 Facebook Secret – Randos – Find people work at a place who are not your friends.

2 Facebook Secret – Find all people work at a place by person name

3 Facebook Secret – Pirate English

4 Facebook Secret – Up Down English

5 Hidden secret Facebook smileys and emojis

Find all smileys code from here : http://www.mytrickpages.com/2014/04/facebook-secrets-and-smileys-codes-you-must-know-video.html

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12 thoughts on “Facebook secrets you must know

  1. Davil Demons

    Where Is Codes ?????? And How To Hake Someone fb account

  2. Bad Goy

    Facebook aint bankrupted yet oh i forget people still so stupid that actually log into this shity site

  3. Jack Daniel

    When the link that redirected me here, was firstly trying to snatch my facebook credentials ok, shitty phishing sites 😂😂

  4. Prabin KC

    MAN this randos thing and username emoji doesnt work with mine


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