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In India , internet speed have gone down to the drains with most big ISP‘s . We have come a long way from dial-up connections to broadband and  fiber to home connections . But that development is  deceiving . Till now a majority of Indians crawl the internet rather than what we call surfing .It all became even worse when FUP ( Fair Usage Policy ) was introduced by the major Internet service providers  in India and Since then we have been having a very bad time with our ISP’s.


Companies began to advertise high speed broadband plans but FUP became a major deal breaker every time .  In the beginning government owned enterprises like BSNL and MTNL were our only hope for getting a internet connection . Today the scenario is totally different , as there have been a entry of many home grown private players in the ISP business . The internet speeds provided by these companies is far better than those of BSNL and MTNL but They still have to work out their last mile on providing a PAN India coverage .

When choosing a internet plan , You might have question in our mind like where to get the internet service from ? or from which ISP  ? and the most important factor will still be about getting the cheapest and the fastest speed internet connection .

Nowadays choosing an internet service provider can be a lot confusing  as there has been a mushroom growth of ISP’s in the past few years . All of these ISP’s have different plans and services and most of them are catering directly to what the Indian customers need right now , which is a Fast internet connection with affordability  . Its a big dilemma to choose among the best among of these ISP’s  . we have researched on the best internet service providers in India and wrapped it down to 5 of the best  ISP . Continue reading to find out more .

BEAM Telecom



Don’t ever try to mention this name on any of the web forums in India , people surely are going to get ultra  jealous of you . Beam was one of the first ISP’s in India to provide high speed and affordable internet connections for home consumers. They have the best Internet plans in all of India and provide internet services through fiber optics only . The only negative point is that their services are only limited to Hyderabad currently . but they are planning to going nationwide in a few months. So keep looking out for them



Airtel offers 100 Mbps broadband in some cities, but there is no easy way to find out which ones. You have to check for availability in your city. At times, the plans are not displayed, and a form for requesting a call back appears. Airtel has slashed prices by Rs 1000 for its plans. In Gurgaon, a speed of 100 Mbps is offered with an FUP of 80 GB for Rs 2,499 every month. Airtel Broadband users can upgrade to the V-Fiber, the first time vectorisation has been introduced in India. Vectorisation is Europe’s most used broadband technology, and delivers higher bandwidth by reducing the interference in the connection. The offer is available for users in Chennai as of now, and Airtel V-Fiber is rolling out in 87 cities across the country. Airtel V-Fiber is now available in Mumbai.

MTNL Fibre Thrill


 MTNL is apparently offering a 10 Gbps plan for Mumbai, but it is not a publicly listed plan. According to a reader who queried about the plans, the service is available only to “good” customers and costs lakhs. The Fibre Thrill plan offers a 100 Mbps line with an FUP of 500GB for a monthly tariff of Rs 6,999. These plans have been updated for a promotional period that is to last till the end of December. The FUP quota has been increased, and will be reverted at the start of the next year.



 Hayai has upgraded its capacity and now provides 10 Gb per second broadband connectivity in Mumbai. The broadband is available in certain pincodes in Mumbai satellite cities around Mumbai, including Badlapur, Thane and Vasai. The plans are available on a monthly or yearly basis. Hayai provides 10 Gbps connectivity in the most locations. For Rs 19,999 a month, you get a practically unlimited, all you can consume plan, without any free usage policy, with a connection speed of 10 Gbps. The plans are not truly unlimited to mitigate chances of abuse, such as running servers or enterprise services, or sharing the plan with everyone in the neighborhood. This is not just about maintaining the connection, but also about following regulations. Hayai has slashed the pricing on its plans, and is offering additional 100 Mbps fixed usage plans.

YOU Broadband


You broadband is another great internet service provider in India , who operate in the major metropolitan cities of India . They provide bandwidth in excess of 10 Mbps for home customers and their pricing are even affordable .  Currently their services are limited to major cities like Ahmedabad , Bangalore , Chennai , Gurgaon , Hyderabad , Mumbai , Navi mumbai , Powai ,Pune ,Surat , Thane , Vadodara and Vishakapatnam

Reliance Broadband


Reliance has been a long term player in the ISP business . while they have been trying to capture a larger share of the market . but they don’t have good plans to counter the new private players in the market . Although they do have some very reasonable Internet plans with great pricing . keeping in mind that reliance is available virtually everywhere , it makes it to the list of the ISP’s with fastest internet speed in India . Keeping the current entry of private players in the ISP business , Reliance has added many new internet plans to its existing portfolio  , the cheapest of which starts at Rs 999 per month .

That was a brief list of five major Internet service providers in India with the fastest speeds,  we hope to review some more emerging internet service providers in the future soon . If you find this post resourceful and helpful then don’t forget to subscribe to us through email and leave a word about us with your friends .

Act Fibrenet


Act offers 100 Mbps with 150 GB FUP for a monthly rental of Rs 1,999. Act is primarily active in south India. The service has got a bump in FUP limits, with 125 GB FUP initially being offered for the same price. The service is available in only some areas of Bengaluru, Chennai, Coimbatore, Eluru, Guntur, Hyderabad, Nellore, Vijaywada and Vishakapatnam. Act is active in one North Indian city, Delhi. The 100 Mbps plan has been renamed to Act Incredible from Act Cyclone.

Nextra FiberBolt


 Nextra offers 100 Mbps starting at Rs 2,999 per month with an FUP of 50 GB in some societies in Delhi, Faridabad, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon and Greater Noida. The FUP limit has been increased to 50 GB from 30 GB. The add on packs have become costlier though. Initially, add ons were available for additional 65 GB, 95 GB, 140 GB and 205 GB. This has been reduced significantly, with the highest tier add on pack offering only 65 GB of additional data.



 BSNL is also offering a 100 Mbps plans. The network is perhaps the widest ranging, with 97 cities covered across India. The plans are on the expensive side though, with the 100 Mbps connection offered with an FUP of 600GB for a monthly rental of Rs 16,999. There have been no changes in the broadband offerings by BSNL.



 Gigatel offers 100 Mbps plans in Delhi. The Lightning 100 plan is available for Rs 2,500 with a FUP limit of 40 GB. There are plans available for a number of usage limits up to 250 GB, as well as the option for add on packs in case the FUP limit is reached, and users still want high speed access. The post FUP speed is 2 Mbps with unlimited downloads.

Spectranet Joy Unlimited

 Spectranet offers 100 Mbps broadband in some neighborhoods in Gurgaon under its Joy Unlimited plan. The plan is available for only 1,799 per month, which is the cheapest 100 Mbps fibre broadband plan available in the country as of now. Commit to the service for a year, and you can get a further discount with a price of Rs 1,199 per month. There have been no changes in pricing or data limits for the 100 Mbps connection provided by Spectranet.



 Connectzone offers FTTH lines in Punjab. The areas covered are Amritsar, Bathinda, Chandigarh, Ludhiana and Jalandhar. The 100 Mbps line with an FUP of 100GB is offered at the rate of Rs 4,999 per month. There are no price drops, but there are three new 100 Mbps plans, with increased FUP limits. The plans have been renamed to “Zippy” instead of “Express”.

Den Boomband


 Den Boomband is available in very select pincodes in New Delhi, Gurgaon, Jodhpur and Kanpur.  The 100 Mbps plans start from Rs 3,500 per month. 100 Mbps with 100GB of FUP is available for Rs 5,500. There have been no changes in the high speed offerings by Den Boomband.

Tata DoCoMo


Tata DoCoMo offers 100 Mbps plans in all the areas it operates in now, previously only available in Mumbai. 100 mpbs connections are available in Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkand, Delhi, Gujarat, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Goa, Mumbai, Punjab, Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. The lower cost 100 Mbps connection for Rs 3499 with an FUP of 100 GB has been axed from most locations. There is now only one 100 Mbps plan available, with an FUP of 200 GB for Rs 3,999, except in Tamil Nadu. Tamil Nadu is the only region with multiple plans for 100 Mbps connections.

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