For Only USD 3.7bn India Will Get All The Sophisticated Technology Of A 5th Gen Stealth Fighter

By | 24th July 2017
For Only USD 3.7bn India Will Get All The Sophisticated Technology Of A 5th Gen Stealth Fighter

This video shows you that For Only USD 3.7bn India Will Get All The Sophisticated Technology Of A 5th Gen Stealth Fighter.
After repeated delays, India and Russia have agreed to a detailed work-sharing agreement for the joint production of design and production of a new fighter jet under the so-called joint Sukhoi/HAL Fifth Generation Fighter Aircraft (FGFA) project, known in India as the Perspective Multi-role Fighter (PMF), according to Indian media reports.
“From a preliminary document that was barely two dozen pages, we have agreed on a 650 page detailed plan that specifies exactly what all will be shared,” an unidentified Indian defense official told The Economic Times. A final contract is expected to be signed in early 2017.
The talks between Indian and Russian defense officials were allegedly accelerated ahead of an Indian-Russian summit to be held in Goa on October 15. As I reported in January, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi failed to reach an agreement during a bilateral meeting in Moscow in December 2015.
The FGFA/PMF project has been hampered by repeated delays since the start of the project in 2007 and the signing of a preliminary 5 million design contract in 2010. In 2015, Indian Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar decided to make one last push tow@rd reaching an agreement with Russia. I explained:
Delays were caused by New Delhi and Moscow disagreeing over many fundamental aspects of the joint development project including work and cost share, aircraft technology, as well as the number of aircraft to be ordered. After evaluating the first PAK FA T-50 prototype (the Russian prototype of the PMF), the Indian Air Force (IAF) wanted more than 40 changes addressing, among other things, perceived weaknesses in the plane’s engine, stealth, and weapon-carrying capabilities.
Russia announced in late 2015 that it would only induct a squadron (18-24 aircraft) of PAK FA fighter aircraft, and procure additional Sukhoi Su-35 aircraft instead. The original deal involved Russia procuring 250 and India 144 aircraft at a cost of around billion by 2022. As a result, India threatened to abandon the project in its entirety. Russia in turn made a number of concessions including an offer to cut down its financial contribution from to $ 3.7 billion for three PAK FA T-50 prototypes and substantial technology transfers.
Russia’s defense industry is still facing technical (as well as financial) hurdles including designing a new engine for the aircraft, given that PAK FA prototypes are currently using engines also installed on Sukhoi Su-35S 4++ generation multi-role fighter jets, calling into question whether the PAK FA can genuinely be classified as an 5th generation aircraft
As part of the effort to salvage the defense deal, Moscow has also agreed to let Indian test pilots fly the PAK FA T-50 prototype currently undergoing flight trials in Russia. Hundreds of flight tests have taken place over the last months and the Russian Air Force expects the first aircraft to be inducted into its ranks in 2017.

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20 thoughts on “For Only USD 3.7bn India Will Get All The Sophisticated Technology Of A 5th Gen Stealth Fighter

  1. Apache Sakai

    For Only USD 3.7bn India will only get Pak Fa shell nut and the shape design, Not the technologies


    heavy fund wastage and untimely payments with attempt to bArter supplies to Russia with rotten wheat and rice


    policy's may be right but they have converse untimely application that produce the desired effect originally sort for by the policy documents


    then buys suddenly at Skyrocketing price tags.and the supplies never come by or they come without spareswhich cost more than the product

  5. MrTommy0201

    Pak fa,is a lot better,the f35,,only f22,,is good 2 compare,,,


    fuck the Indian government, why don't they allow private companies to produce in military sector

  7. Richard Kong

    Money is no problem for India. If the US can spend trillions on its F35 by printing more dollars, India can also do the same. India can also print billions to finance the development of the FGFA and AMCA. Good job India, hold on to your dream.

  8. Don Smajlovic

    Theres a huge and in my opinion totally out of control and insane competition on the weapons market , countries using all sorts of tricks to outsell the other going as dar as lowering prices below market value just to make a sale and push the other guy out or accepting losses themselves just to hurt the other guys sales , in this situation the winner is those countries that are buying the technology excluding China they always steal documents , schematics and research snd development plans then just copy what others worked hard to produce , ofcourse we all know the quality of Chinas products , very cheap but very much unreliable trash

  9. orangedac

    handing over bags of money will get you nothing… but a nice receipt.

  10. vijay bhatt

    You cannot win war if you rely on purchases for your weapons.

  11. Tomahawk1999

    why are we wasting money on an incompetent DRDO? Just shut the whole thing down, save the money and spend it on defense deals. by now everyone knows its an extremely incompetent worthless organization. other than producing demonstration models to display at trade shows, DRDO cannot accomplish anything.

  12. Susdey Sun

    No problem, if India cancels the deal. Russia still has China. China will buy T50 only to show off. China can buy many T 50 as it likes. Hahaha.

  13. yamoto shintaro

    Wow! Now India will be the next super power controlling the world. With over billions populated mouths to feed, now it is arming itself to teeth. The next seller willbe Uncle Sam and Israel. Go go India. Start a war with Pakistan.

  14. God Sees

    the one india getting r export versions = junks  u think russkie giving u equality with their stuffs   lol, dream on

  15. Din MS

    You cannot win war if you rely on purchases for your weapons.
    Wake up, asshole. Built something.


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