FORGET Getting Her Number!! Do THIS Instead (Max’s Social Media Tricks Revealed)

By | 21st July 2017
FORGET Getting Her Number!! Do THIS Instead (Max’s Social Media Tricks Revealed)

If you’re still going for the number, trying to figure out textgame I SERIOUSLY PITY YOU. This is the future of PUA.

Overcome approach anxiety and fear, ONCE AND FOR ALL:

If you’re seriously still wondering how to get her number, if you’re still trying to figure out textgame secrets, banging your head against the wall, crying over flaky numbers, wanting to get your textgame on point then you’re seriously living in the past and need to STOP immediately.

Textgame is dead, trying to get her number is dead. No more how to get her number, no more tying to get a girls number, no more freaking asking for her number.

The future is in social media game. Instagram, snapchat, facebook, all those trump how to get her number, all those trump getting a girls number SO. FREAKING. EASILY.

SO easy it almost hurts. Seriously, you need to stop getting a girls number, because this is new, this is fresh and most importantly:


So yeah, long story short, going for a girls number is dead. Do THIS instead. Don’t ask how go get her number, this will double, triple, multiply your results like crazy.

Yes, it might be a little more work than asking a girl for her number, it might be a little different compared to how to get a girls number, but in the long run it’s just so much more powerful!

RSDMax is an executive coach for Real Social Dynamics, the biggest platform for dating advice and personal development. He’s traveling the world teaching men and women confidence and how to become more sexually attractive to the opposite sex. Follow him on his passionate adventures around the world or get in contact with him HERE:

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20 thoughts on “FORGET Getting Her Number!! Do THIS Instead (Max’s Social Media Tricks Revealed)

  1. 3ridetec

    I know rsdmax has done a video on social media profile but now that is putting pressure on being this perfect guy on the internet, so I supose this only applies to guys really hustling or already very successful because then you would have an intresting profile to the hot girls you have met previously. or am i wrong.

  2. JayvH

    I don't wanna be a smartass here, but doesn't WhatsApp require a number close?

  3. MC Plisken

    Okay. I beg to differ from the exceptional point. It is Plain arrogance and Narcissism. Text msgs shouldn't be classed as a crime just for wanting to be a lonewolf introvert. sod social media. buncha hypnotized sheep.
    I'd rather be a Lone Wolf for the rest of my lifetime.
    P.S. dont worry. I'm not a terrorist or a Government trooper.

  4. justin 619kid

    @rsdmax do you have any advice on getting a girl back after you fucked up by being a chode. or is it dead

  5. justin 619kid

    I'm glad I saw this video. this happened to me a few weeks ago. girl starts ignoring me after calling for a week about 4hours a night. I got mad called her out. started running and working on getting myself into shape and feeling alot better now. went out last night and had fun for the first time since meeting this girl.

  6. J Hub

    Hey Max! Just a quick tought.. What will you do when you meet the ONE girl of your life and you´ll ending up marrying her? Are you going to quit PUA world what is your game plan? I was just wondering.. 🙂 Take care!

  7. Fake Acc

    Hey Max. I love your videos and you've helped me a lot in my life. Thank you for doing what you do. My new girl is instagram famous and always gets messages there from random guys. I don't want to project that I'm jealous. Are there any boundaries or conversations you'd have about this topic if you were in a serious relationship with a girl like this?Hopefully you respond, I don't expect you to because you're a busy guy. Thank you

  8. 7860092

    29 min video shortly explained: ask the girls fb or snap instead of phone number, as they give that out easilier

  9. Miguel Amadio

    I get it that it's tinder goal but what about "cold appropaching" on fb and ig, how do you open unknown people?

  10. taylan ates

    I NOTİCED ONE THİ ass :)you are not directly telling hey guys look at my products but you are using the same tactics AND tricks while selling yourself )

  11. Jp Verster

    Bro have you been playing gta5 online too much😂😂 saying words like try hard and GG(goodgame)😂 nice i like it

  12. TheTechnoVikings

    I havn't been active in Social Media for a few years so basically have a very poor social network/value on there.

    Anyone else?

  13. T. far3oune

    thanks men keep going and good luck this shet is going big

  14. Kavlin Harris

    ancient Greek ελευθερία I see <3
    greetings from Greece!

  15. craig howard

    dude's smart I never thought about all of this this is absolutely true.


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