20 thoughts on “Funniest Live Interviews – WHEN LIVE TV GOES WRONG

  1. LifeCanBeAwesome

    Ha ha ha 😀 "This is a special leprikon flute, it has been passed for thousands of years, it belonged to my grant grant father, who was Irish" Irish people exist as a nation for what? 1000 years? Before this it was the roman empire and Vikings

  2. Marc Goudreau

    10:40– they let me look at the lawyers belly and I know the vacuum cleaner man… he's seen my teats" 🙂 She'd make a great press secretary to Donald Trump.

  3. Lorraine G.

    BEST VIDEO EVER, the Leprechaun story is shockingly funny, Being a reporter can be a hard job sometimes but with these people, it could became the coolest job ever

  4. Lorraine G.

    "Well … I woke up to give me a cold pop', then I thought somebody was barbercuing I said "Oh! Lord Jesus, IT'S A FIRE! ", then I ran out; I didn't grab noshoes or none Jesus… Writing for my life. I didn't a smoke got me I got BRONCHITIS… ain't nobody got time for this ??"
    Please, give her a Emmy or a job at radio or a tv show, please america, please.

    From Paris

  5. Ernesto Alves

    I have a feeling that 90% of them are high as fuck or do some drug that can only be found in mars becuase they most have lower then 30 IQ.

  6. Sapana Gurung

    Hmm seems like it is mostly video complication of interviewing uneducated people

  7. adam savious

    i'm like oh my god they're dead the old lady killed me from laughter , i think something there was in that coffee

  8. james q

    wooooooow we have alot of dumb fucks in the society we live in. but the way it is in every culture every city, every state, and im definetly sure in every country. we have to have dumb fucks like these to laugh at. i mean think about it comedians are funny but these people make history. of the dumbest funniest fucks ever.


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