Gadget Review – The OnePlus 5 – #MyOnePlus5Review

By | 5th October 2017
Gadget Review – The OnePlus 5 – #MyOnePlus5Review

Gadget Review - The OnePlus 5 - #MyOnePlus5Review

This is my Review of the latest new Gadget from OnePlus – The OnePlus 5 .

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20 thoughts on “Gadget Review – The OnePlus 5 – #MyOnePlus5Review

  1. Joshua Benhur

    Mkbhd will shut down his channel after watching this 😂😂😂

  2. Rohith S.K

    The apps run so fast …it's like they are running for their lives!😂😂

  3. Kinnar Bhattacharya

    OMG.. What did I just watch… My head spins uncontrolled…I just wasn't really ready for this…video !!!

  4. Illuminati XVI

    The best one plus five review ever… If only all tech reviews were like this

  5. alok kawle

    I Agree with other guys saying about starting your own phone reviews. M in.

  6. Khushant Padhiar

    yaar ye xbbclmnop bhai ye line best hai bhai …… plz ek baar comment me liky do 😛 …. aaj tak samj me nai aaya wo hai kya 😛 hehehehee

  7. nikhil rajput

    Fuck this was one of the best reviews I watched for one plus 5

  8. Aniket Bharati

    2M views dammm, wish kaanmasti had so many views so as to motivate him to be more frequent with it 🤞🙏


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