Gaming at 8K Resolution?!?!? – HOLY $H!T Ep. 12

By | 8th October 2017
Gaming at 8K Resolution?!?!? – HOLY $H!T Ep. 12

Gaming at 8K Resolution?!?!? - HOLY $ H!T Ep. 12

Can you game at 8K today? The answer is yes.. but it’s possible you wouldn’t want to..

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20 thoughts on “Gaming at 8K Resolution?!?!? – HOLY $H!T Ep. 12

  1. ShiroKuro

    i dont see why people enjoy joining together multiple monitors to make 1 big one because there's lines going through your display and IT'S SO IRRITATING, and you can't even concentrate or play well with it. Why can't you just be satisfied with a normal monitor, if not, GET A BIGGER monitor! Wait, idk why I am the one arguing…. blame OCD not me…

  2. Retrocidal

    Lol ten bucks per gig is outrageous you would easily spend 100 bucks if you use a lot of gigs witch I do

  3. Retrocidal

    4k gaming is awesome but my 1060 struggles some but it can run some games in 4k it's a big difference ever a 1440 monitor is awesome for gaming I really need a better video card for 4k I had to use cc to get my monitor like 5 months later still paying on it slowly but its so nice to see videos and games on it even 1080p looks way better even older videos look better on it blew my mind best two items I have very owned in my life

  4. Nether Warrior

    I wish i had one of those old icky Graphics cards, im in collage and i cant afford good food

  5. knuspryAlex

    What is the name/model from this stand where you build the pc on?

  6. Fallenskyz2

    Watching Linus drop computer equipment that would take me a year's worth of paychecks to afford a 4th of 😭

  7. Captain Chucklenuts

    …..Can I have one of those several Titans you have? :c


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