Geeky HTML / CSS WordPress Tips & Tricks

By | 20th August 2017
Geeky HTML / CSS WordPress Tips & Tricks

Geeky HTML / CSS WordPress Tips & Tricks


During this week’s Open Source Marketer webinar we discuss some of the advanced HTML and CSS styling tips you can use to make your website rock! We share tools that speed up your work and reduce the amount of time you spend trying to figure out what needs to be changed on your website. If you’d like to make your existing WordPress theme look more unique, then you’ll want to watch this webinar.

Recommended Resources:

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IE Browser Tester Tool

Grid 960 Design Specification

Atahualpa Free WordPress Theme

Font Squirrel

Embedding Flash For Mobile Devices

WordPress Image Optimization Plugin

PHP in WordPress Widgets

Google Analytics

Examine Web Page Speeds

Talking Points:

+ Introduction – Min: 0:00
+ What We’ll Cover – Min: 4:16
+ Essential Tools – Min: 8:12
+ Grid 960 – Min: 19:10
+ Header Tricks – Min: 28:00
+ Web Fonts – Min: 41:33
+ Handling Flash – Min: 52:30
+ Image Optimization – Min: 58:08
+ Shadowbox vs. Popups – Min: 01:07:06
+ Including PHP – Min: 01:10:26
+ Google Analytics – Min: 01:17:45
+ Inline vs. External CSS – Min: 01:23:45

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8 thoughts on “Geeky HTML / CSS WordPress Tips & Tricks

  1. Stephen Brown

    Thanks for absolutely wasting my time! If I wanted to know ANYTHING about Apple TV I would have been searching for exactly that. I am pretty positive anyone else who would choose to watch this video would make the decision like I did based on an interest in WORDPRESS! You lost me before this video had gone for 3 minutes! A complete and utter waste of my or anyone else's time! I am overwhelmingly happy for you that you love your Apple TV. But really, WHO Cares!

  2. OpenSourceMarketer

    Glad to hear it was useful to you Jeff. Which part did you find the most useful?

  3. OpenSourceMarketer

    There is a whole series on HTML & CSS inside Open Source Marketer. Maybe I can get Toff to do a short how to on setting backgrounds though. He is the CSS wizard between the two of us. I generally rely on him for the advanced stuff. – Charles


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