By | 16th October 2017

LinkedIn is probably the best way to reach business owners. They congregate in groups and send each other references. It is an international meeting point for entrepreneurs and others, who participate in business.

Most people think that LinkedIn is only just for profiles, but the way I look at it is a keyword targeted profile that allows me to be found on the internet and in the LinkedIn database. So, if people look for copywriters, there are certain people who are ranked on top and others who are not ranked at all.

A lot of business owners and recruiters look on LinkedIn as a go to source to recruit people and find partners to team up with. If you were to rank on LinkedIn as a copywriter, for example, then you would be getting a lot of business potentially.

How do you do this? How do you SEO optimize your LinkedIn profile, so that people can find you as the expert in the field?

There is a header on your name on LinkedIn. That is the first place that you need to SEO optimize. You can write there that you are a copywriter expert and nothing else, you can focus your profile on one thing that you specialize in and below in the description you can write about your copywriting skills and what you can do for your clients and what projects you completed successfully.

Then when you close a sale and every time you deliver a project you can ask your client to give you a review on LinkedIn and write it in great detail on how awesome you are. Then you are more likely to rank for those keywords, because they are all over your profile.

When people go to your profile, they will also see that you are not new to this, because you have been reviewed and other people have worked with you on the same thing.

Do not make a profile that you are good at everything. Just focus on one single thing you are good at. If anyone who works for you change their profile on focusing on one thing they are very good at, then together you can build a network and together you will rank higher on Google and on LinkedIn.

Once you have that, then you can go to communities on LinkedIn and connect with people through the communities and post in groups on LinkedIn. Since you are hanging out in those groups and you are building a name for yourself as a copywriting expert, then you join more groups that are basically people, who you usually sell to.

If you become an expert in those groups and they look at your profile and you have worked with all those people, then they will come to you when they are looking for a copywriter.

Another thing is that you can write articles. It is called LinkedIn Pulse. You can go on LinkedIn and you write highly keyword targeted and very high quality articles that are targeted towards exactly what your buyers want to read. For example, the topic can be “How to hire a copywriter” or “How to optimize your website with copywriting techniques”. That way you are driving traffic to your stuff on LinkedIn.

You can have a call to action, where people can book an appointment with you and get a free consultation. Then you will have this passive stream of leads coming. As long as you keep posting high quality articles, some of them will rank and your profile will rank and your employees’ profiles will rank as well. That is all a funnel that sends leads into your company, so you can close them for copywriting projects.

Also you can be very proactive and get people on the phone and close them like that. LinkedIn is a great source for high quality leads. I have heard that 40% of the LinkedIn users are millionaires. There are some statistics on the Internet.

There are high quality leads that you can get compared to Upwork, where there are certainly not a lot of millionaires on Upwork.

If you can figure LinkedIn out and have it as a passive stream and active stream as well, then your business can grow to seven or eight figures.

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