Get Rich Tips From Blogger

By | 31st August 2017
Get Rich Tips From Blogger

Get Rich Tips From Blogger

Ramit Sethi is a blogger and author of “I Will Teach You To Be Rich.” He spoke with Maggie Rodriguez on money-saving tips. Also, Bianca Solorzano reports on how Sethi helped a few San Franciscans with their budgets.
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14 thoughts on “Get Rich Tips From Blogger

  1. mark srisourath

    Maggie's a damn hot and sexy woman…I would love 2 make love 2 her…slowly and passionately….

  2. mjpitche

    @ArtyomZakharenko A title like "Save money" isn't going to sell many books. Anything with Getting Rich in the title will sell. Nothing he said was revolutionary.

  3. ArtyomZakharenko

    so, conclusion is: You can get rich by cutting in expences… what a bullshit
    cutting expences doesnt MAKE money, so its not gonna make u rich

  4. Jim Taylor

    It may not make you rich, but this is just lots of sound, simple advice which amazingly isn't taught in our public school system.

  5. javixm

    this vid isn't about getting rich… this vid is about not being poor…

    not being poor is not the same as being rich

    i'm not poor…

    donald trump is rich…

    thumbs down for bullshit

  6. tbaarr

    hey mansion I bet you never complained about how many trillions the fed printed during the 8 years that bush was in charge.. you probably voted for him too..

    this guy is merely stating common sense of cours thats a hard concept for most impulse buying americans.

    check out my videos on how to effectively make money off credit cards

    IT FREE and anyone can do it

  7. mansionspawn639

    save money while the fed reserve is printing trillions of dollars



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